Downtown Lowdown

Bryant Liggett covers the hottest music acts in Durango

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Robert Randolph and the church of rock ’n’ roll

The music of Robert Randolph began in a church. But your stance on the god, and heaven and...

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The Crags remember some of Durango’s best shows

In a perfect world, all musicians should have good taste in music, perhaps inspired and...

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For Zappa fans – Frank and Dweezil – this one’s a can’t-miss

The name Zappa is synonymous with good, intelligent, important. The late Frank Zappa, who you...

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With Gourds on hiatus, Kevin Russell shining with Shinyribs

Kevin Russell is a big fan of sense of place. The founding member of the on-hiatus Gourds, and...

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Grushkin’s foot-stomping album is 30 years in the works

A young Jonas Grushkin played piano because of the drums. When he was a kid, the New...

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Gritty songwriting and the ‘broke-ass dream’

Soul-grass. Dark Gospel. Or maybe you can call it Gothic swing. You can pair together many...

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Rochester’s Secret Garden puts a new spin on music venues

Musicians are finding non-traditional venues as hot-spots to perform, something outside of a...

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These brothers don’t bicker & Elder Grown keeps growing

Band members bicker. They are co-workers, and if co-workers aren’t bickering,...