Strain review: MK Ultra

by DGO Pufnstuf

MK Ultra: the name may sound familiar, and for good reason. Project MK Ultra was the name of a 1950s mind control experiment by the CIA, and it was basically focused around the use of LSD to alter the mind. That’s the short answer. The long answer is much longer, much more convoluted, and if you’re unfamiliar with it, you should read about it.

Anyway, as you’ve probably guessed, this isn’t an LSD review, and MK Ultra isn’t only the name of a 1950s CIA experiment. It is also the name of the strain we’re reviewing this week from The Green House in Durango. The Green House got their sticky icky mitts on this strain courtesy of Durango Cannabis Company, which is the baller weed wholesaler that grew it. And, much like the LSD of the 1950s, MK Ultra – the cannabis strain – is a rush to the brain.

I’m getting ahead of myself, though. Let’s back up. I picked up this strain from the new Green House location – it’s open, by the way, but they haven’t had their official grand opening yet – and I’ll tell you, I was pretty excited to check it out. This strain is a 50/50 hybrid – so a straight split of indica and sativa – and was created by crossing an indica variety of G-13 and a sativa variety of OG Kush. It’s known for hitting you like a ton of bricks with a euphoric, trippy brain high that’s not for the faint of heart. I hadn’t smoked MK Ultra prior to this review, but I’ve been pretty darn impressed with DCC’s other strains, so I knew this one would probably be a good’n.

And, surprise! It was! I lit up a bowl of this super potent bud shortly after I picked it up, and that’s basically all I know. It was sober, sober, sober, sober, STONED. Yes, it happened that quickly. I vaguely remember being shocked by the fact that this bud was harsh as hell, even in the dry herb vape – usually I can’t even tell if anything is emitting from the damn thing – and it made me cough something fierce right off the bat. And shortly after, things go blank.

Luckily I have my trusty stoner notes to help guide this review. (Side note: I’d normally smoke a second bowl after the whole “life goes dark” thing, but I honestly can’t find where my stoned ass put the container, so I can’t. Sorry I’m a mess.) Here’s what they tell me.

1. I’m high super fast and it’s like a melty feeling on my face.

2. I hate the movie “Sing” yet I’m sitting here staring at it, mesmerized, for no effing reason.

3. I keep forgetting that I’m taking notes and end up staring off into the netherworld instead.

4. Dog Impossible looks so depressing.

5. I can’t even read a few words.

I *think* I remember staring uncontrollably at the TV while that pig couple on the horrible movie “Sing” was belting out some song, but it could just be that I think I remember it because of my notes. I don’t remember being hungry, or thirsty, or even stoned, though. I remember naught.

On the upside, there’s nary a mention of the horrible stomachache or headache I was rolling with prior to smoking, which means that this stuff must have knocked that right out with the quickness. I’d imagine this strain would be good for chronic pain management. Even if it didn’t knock it out, I don’t remember feeling crappy after I smoked, so that’s a win.

Listen. This stuff is strong. It is not for beginners. But if you’re a seasoned smoker who wants to be knocked into next year, MK Ultra is your new best friend. I’m pretty sure I liked it, and I’m very sure it knocked out my stupid stomachache, which isn’t easy to do. If you smoke some of it, though, just make sure you put the container of weed away BEFOREHAND or you’ll never find it again. Trust me. I know.

DGO Pufnstuf


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