Downtown Lowdown

Bryant Liggett covers the hottest music acts in Durango

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Festival is about art, local bands, community. Support it

There’s a meme circulating on Facebook claiming that Winston Churchill, when asked to...

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‘God might have the best tunes but the Devil has better lyrics’

“Hold On!” is a kick-ass record. The 2016 Daptone release by The James Hunter...

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Cortez’s Sunflower Theatre: A hub for the artistic, intellectual

It’s what Cortez needed: A small performance space that isn’t a bar for touring...

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Space rock is cool, and here are the coolest space albums

It was 1989, and my cranky, in-need-of-some-deodorant hold-out from the ’60s co-worker...

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Is there a more polarizing or elusive genre than jam band?

It’s a jam-band world. They creep into the local venues, show up at festivals, and have...

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For Garrett Lebeau, it’s less about showmanship and more about subtlety

It’s a simple approach to making music. No tricks. No frill. Just honest songs void of...

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Whatever you like now has roots from back then

It’s all been done. Everything is a throwback, and what is popular now has been...

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Merge Records: At the heart of ‘indie’ is a stellar label

There was a time when the independent record labels were the mom and pop of the music...