Downtown Lowdown

Bryant Liggett covers the hottest music acts in Durango

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Harlis Sweetwater hits it hard: The road and the guitar

It’s a decent method of identification if you’re a band sticking with a...

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The HillBenders do The Who’s ‘Tommy,’ but in bluegrass fashion

It’s the definitive rock opera. There’s a compelling storyline, beautiful...

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Cinematica brings enigmatic sounds to Hoovfest at ACT

Cut Farmington some slack. The neighbor to the south may be just a quick stop for a Target...

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Stillhouse Junkies play great American music (just don’t call it Americana)

The music term “Americana” is as tired as the term “alternative.”...

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Mexico’s Troker wants to use music to create cultural unity

They are difficult to classify, and their influences are many. They could be considered a rock...

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Expect the unexpected with dynamic Alvin and Gilmore

They’re two musicians with almost a century of songwriting between them. You can file...

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Railsplitters are latest/greatest in Colorado bluegrass tradition

There’s a good reason why fans of acoustic-based bluegrass in its not-so-traditional...

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Belushi headlines film fest, on the screen and in front of the mic

It’s a great attraction for the film festival. Bring in a celebrity and generate some...