Seeing through the smoke

Christopher Gallagher explores weed-related trends & issues

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Want a sweet marijuana grow come fall? Better start now. Here’s how

I don’t know about you, but after spending the last month reading about, basically, the...

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Blue Dream: The prototypical hybrid strain

When it comes to picking a favorite strain, we all have preferences. You may fall in love the...

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When it comes to strains, we’re experiencing an explosion

So, you’d like a pure indica, a pure sativa, an 80/20 indica, a 60/40 sativa, a 50/50...

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For thousands of years, geography, climate shaped original indicas, sativas

In the beginning, there was, simply, cannabis. And, if you lived in a place where it grew...

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We’ve come a long way to get to today’s strain-o-copia

“Can I get one ounce of some Purple Bubble Cheese Dream, one Critical Tangerine Skunk...

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Butt wait! You might try this entry point for medicinal MJ

Blame it on the middle schooler who maintains residence in the locker room of my psyche, or...

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Cannabis essential oil is multi-purpose health tonic without psychoactive effects

What’s good for your eyes, your heart, your skin, your hair, your digestion, distilled...

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The BOSSest of them all: Jack Herer

Now, there are CannaBosses and there are CannaBOSSes. When you are the guy who writes the...