Seeing through the smoke

Christopher Gallagher explores weed-related trends & issues

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Forget division: Burn one with someone different than you

So, in an attempt to get ahead of things, I am just going to apologize in advance to all you...

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Toke a moment to remember the benefits of marijuana taxes

As we wind our way through the end of winter, let’s take a minute to look at the...

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Prohibition needlessly denies veterans PTSD treatment

Of all the truisms we throw around, there is none which I’ve seen so rarely challenged...

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NFL’s medical cannabis rules leave players in pain

As the eyes of a nation tuned in to watch ol’ Tom Brady tear his fifth Super Bowl ring...

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Here’s a cast of criminals in marijuana prohibition

This whole illegal weed game didn’t just happen by itself. There were real villains...

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For your winter sanity, join the spirit of Snowdown

Snowdown, Intergalactic: Now, to me, this just reads as an invitation to get weird, like...

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These unlikely converts are pro-legalization. Who’s next?

(1) Saul on the road to Damascus and the work he did after becoming St. Paul. (2) Malcolm...

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Sessions confirmation reminds us: Legalization is precarious

The confirmation hearings of Jeff “good people don’t smoke marijuana”...