A dose of Danksgiving

by DGO Staff

Take the green path to a mindful Thanksgiving this year

This year, let’s break the monotony of overindulging in turkey and pumpkin pie, and infuse some mindfulness and dankfulness into your Thanksgiving traditions. Or, what we like to call “Danksgiving.”

Not sure what the hell we’re talking about? Well, without further ado, here’s your guide to a dose of dankfulness.

The green path to a mindful Danksgiving
Thanksgiving is all about counting your blessings, and what better way to do that than with a little help from cannabis? Let’s explore how you can infuse your day with dankfulness, laughter, and the good vibes that cannabis brings.

Group meditation with a twist
Before diving into the turkey madness, gather your loved ones for a Thanksgiving group meditation session. Create a serene ambiance with soft music, dim lighting, and comfy cushions. And of course, have a selection of strains ready for everyone to choose from.

Choose strains known for their relaxation properties like an indica or a balanced hybrid. With your cannabis of choice in hand, guide everyone through a mindfulness meditation. Focus on gratitude and the present moment. Encourage participants to share what they’re thankful for before and after the session. You’ll be amazed at the depth of your conversations and the warmth in the room.

Danksgiving sharing circle
Why not introduce a Danksgiving sharing circle as part of your Thanksgiving tradition? After the meal, gather your friends and family and pass around a joint or a vape pen. As the cannabis takes effect, go around the circle, allowing everyone to share what they’re grateful for. Expect a mix of heartfelt revelations and hilarious anecdotes, all laced with the joyful effects of cannabis.

Infused gratitude journals
Enhance your Thanksgiving dinner with an infused gratitude journal activity. Place journals and some colorful pens at the dinner table. As your guests savor their meals, encourage them to jot down things they’re thankful for. Whether it’s the incredible flavors of the food or the love and laughter around the table, the cannabis-infused experience will amplify the gratitude in the room.

Danksgiving decor
Give your Thanksgiving table a canna-bis-themed makeover. Add some cannabis leaf centerpieces, leaf-shaped place cards, and maybe even a tasteful bud vase. Don’t forget to infuse the ambiance with some chill reggae tunes and light up some cannabis-scented candles to set the mood.

Cannabis-infused recipes
Why not include some cannabis-in-fused dishes in your Thanksgiving spread? From cannabis butter for the mashed potatoes to THC-infused gravy, there are plenty of creative ways to incorporate the herb into your menu. (In fact, we’ve got some freakin’ badass cannabis-infused recipes in this issue, just for you!) Just be sure to label these dishes clearly to avoid any unexpected surprises for your guests. (In fact, we’ve got some freakin’ badass cannabis-infused recipes in this issue, just for you!)

A Danksgiving to remember
This Thanksgiving, break free from the usual traditions and embrace a Danksgiving filled with gratitude, mindfulness, and cannabis. Whether it’s through group meditation, sharing circles, gratitude journals, or infused dishes, the cannabis-infused experience is sure to make this Thanksgiving one to remember.

But, as always, enjoy your cannabis responsibly, especially if you’re sharing it with friends and family. Be mindful of your guests’ preferences and tolerances, and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

So, let’s raise our joints, vape pens, or edibles to Danksgiving, and may your day be filled with dankfulness, laughter, and a little extra warmth! Happy Thanksgiving, and may your holiday season be blessed with cannabis and gratitude in abundance.


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