Cannabis delivery instruments, Part II: Pipes

by DGO Web Administrator

This week, we continue our examination of cannabis delivery implements with the most tried-and-true method in weed tech.

Next on our list is the weedpipe, aka …

The BowlWhen discussing this possibly most prevalent smoking apparatus, I would be remiss if did not take the time to subdivide the category and investigate some old – ancient, even – instruments before examining the latest and greatest.

The “Woody”Possibly the oldest method for cannabis intake of smoke, this is, as it’s nickname implies, a pipe made of wood. I am of the age that I can recall more than a few oldtime stoners carrying and relishing the use of the simple corncob pipe. There is a certain folksy charm to this method and it highlights the top feature of wood-constructed smoking implements: Taste.

Weed, wood, flame: This is the recipe for transporting yourself back to simpler days when buds were pretty much all homegrown and cannabis prohibition was just a glimmer in Aslinger’s daddy’s eye. They are also readily available (and cheap) at just about every single drug store from coast-to-coast should you find yourself stranded out there in one of “those” states having just broken your glass piece or fried the battery on your pocket vape.

The corncob, of course, is no longer the standard when it comes to wooden smoking implements – a quick survey of any head shop should reveal a wide (and often beautiful) variety of pipes of various sizes and shapes. I, myself, have long preferred a reasonably-sized Woody for my personal travels (I really like the ones that come with an attached spinning cover that can be packed, closed, and carried); they’re great for a hike or to stash in the sand while swimming.

Pros:They are nearly indestructible.

They mellow and improve with age.

They are easily cleanable, even on the run; almost anything, from an actual pipe cleaner to a clothes hanger to a stick can be used to unclog a Woody. They’re even easier to clean out if a screen is used.

Most any cannabis preparation – flower, hashish, even oil – can be smoked from them.

Cons:See last week’s column re: One Hitters, Derision, STS9 fans.

Glass piecesNow, glass is an interesting intersection for smokers – it’s where utility and art intersect and where newer or younger smokers may diverge form some longtime weed fans with regard to “the right way to smoke”.

There are glassblowers from coast to coast creating smoking implements that could just as easily be presented as stunningly beautiful art pieces. Graal, color-fumed, wig-wagged: incalmo, spoons, steamrollers, chillums, Gandolfs, bubblers – the styles and methods are varied to the degree that a lifetime could be spent on the pursuit of a particular style.

A fine crafted glass bowl may just become the pride of your collection.

Pros:Gorgeous examples of art.

Easy to clean – simply submerge and soak in rubbing alcohol (and kosher salt if the fancy grabs you); gently use a long toothpick or some other similarly-gentle instrument to remove gobs of tarry goo.

A nice, clean glass piece will deliver a nice, clean smoke.

Cons:Can be prone to clogging if not cleaned often enough.

If dropped and shattered (if cracked, they might be fixable if you know the glassblower), you may spiral into a deep depression until the money is raised to procure a suitable replacement.

There is really no substitute for a good bowl and no good reason not to grab one for yourself. My only caveat: If you’re going to go for a glass piece, take a little extra time, save up a little extra money, do some research, and support one of our hardworking American glassblowers instead of just grabbing some factory-made P.O.S. from China.

Next week, we’ll take a look at the king of the stoner implements, the bong, and get into some of this newfangled technology that’s getting us high.

Christopher Gallagher lives with his wife and their four dogs and two horses. Life is pretty darn good. Contact him at [email protected]


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