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Life Hax: An ex wants the real reasons for a breakup, and it’s creepy

My best friend broke up with her boyfriend. They...

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Life Hax: My dating life is a Taylor Swift song. Help!

A few years ago, my husband passed away young. I just...

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Life Hax: I have PTSD at 63 years old. Am I too old for therapy?

I’m a woman who has had PTSD for 28 years after...

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Life Hax: My girlfriend thinks all men are pigs. Is that unhinged?

My girlfriend and I are both female, and she has always...

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My boyfriend went from a naked hippie to an MBA student. Help!

How do you know if someone has “changed”?...

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My mom poisoned my girlfriend. How do I get her back?!

Adapted from a recent online discussion:

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What’s my obligation to keep up on social media?

I am a teacher at a large high school, and typically only...

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Love? Yes. Marriage? Probably. But I want to explore others!

I have been with my partner for six years and have just...