Seeing through the smoke

Christopher Gallagher explores weed-related trends & issues

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We’ve reached the “strange bedfellows” level with cannabis movement

It appears that we have reached the “strange bedfellows” portion of the cannabis...

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Let’s discuss the legal status of hemp, marijuana’s sibling

Hello, DGO! We are going to try something new here this week. I have constructed a rudimentary...

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It’s time to find your green weed thumb and get growing

Think about what you were into at this time last year. Now bounce back 10 years – what...

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In an era of painkiller overdoses, cannabis should be king

Pain happens. Maybe an old injury never heals right, and one day you realize you have been...

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Seeing through the smoke: Let’s follow Mary Jane’s lead and take it down a notch

These days, it seems like it can be tough to agree on things. Our political discourse is a...

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All you need in life is a blunt, classic bangers, and some friends

We are going to keep it dirty this week, DGO. The previous edition of STTS had us out back...

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Let’s talk about the dirtiest of the dirty: The spliff

We spent half of last month here at Seeing Through the Smoke looking through not smoke, but...

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Opportunities, changes, and a goodbye to a friend

There are those sayings you have heard a thousand times, the ones that firmly form that border...