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by DGO Staff

Ever wonder what gives your cannabis that sweet (or skunky) stench? Well, wonder no more! We have the answers.

When it comes to the smell of cannabis, the root cause boils down to a little thing called terpenes. Terpenes are compounds found in the natural oils of various kinds of plants—including weed. Their uses in cleaning products, cosmetics, and medicines go back centuries, but the word “terpene” has only recently started to become more of a household term.

This mainstream adoption of the term terpenes is almost entirely due to the growing cannabis industry. With the increased exploration of how the various compounds of the plant contribute to the effects of marijuana consumption came the discussion regarding the role terpenes play in the process. The newfound interest in terpenes is not strictly technical, however. As cannabis enthusiasts begin to explore their favorite strains, it has become common knowledge that terpenes can help stoners and weed-lovers alike to determine their own aroma and flavor profile preferences.

This has led to a whole new category of cannabis-smoking individuals: Cannabis connoisseurs.

Cannabis connoisseurs not only use marijuana, but they customize their cannabis experience based on aroma, flavor, and the physical and psychological effects of various strains.
If you are looking to become a connoisseur of all things pot, understanding terpenes is step number one. This guide to the most common terpenes found within cannabis will set you on your path to being a top-tier ganja snob.


As the most common terpene found in cannabis, myrcene’s aromas and flavors are the most associated with marijuana: earthy, musky, and clove-like, with a slight fruity after taste. Myrcene is a great anti-inflammatory agent, which makes it effective for treating chronic pain and arthritis. Common strains containing myrcene are OG Kush, Blue Dream, and Harlequin.


As many can guess from the name, limonene is associated with a citrusy smell and taste, with bitter notes. Limonene can be used to reduce anxiety and is in its early stages of research for reducing the size of tumors in rats and mice. You can find limonene This strain is that rare perfect 50/50 hybrid, neither leaning toward a sativa nor indica. This makes it an industry favorite for treating the symptoms of ADHD. The concentration resulting from this strain is often described as extreme, likely owed to its high THC content, 24 percent, and low CBD, 1 percent.

This is another long-lasting high that can provide a fresh perspective to difficult tasks. If you need new ideas to bring your interest back into a task, give
Mother’s Helper a try.

Once again, beginners beware. That high THC content may not be a good move for everyone. Indica strains that can help with focus and concentration

Black Jack

Black Jack is another Indica, which means that it will give you that “heavy body” experience. The 18 percent THC content will give a mild psychedelic effect and get the brain juices flowing to inspire new ideas and sharpen the senses to an extreme degree. This is another strain that may not be for everyone, but if you are struggling to focus due to stress, it may serve you well. The main benefit of this strain is that it is very consistent. The high you experience immediately after dosing will be what you feel near the end of your experience. This allows you to keep moving without having to adjust to new sensations and levels of focus. While this strain relieves depression and feelings of stress, high doses will give you the jitters, so dose cautiously.


Many of these strains have come with a warning for beginners, but finally, here is a strain that can be effective for everyone. The THC content for Harle- Tsu is only 1 percent, and much lower than the 10 percent CBD content. This means that there will be no psychoactive high involved with this strain. Instead,
Harle-Tsu brags deep and complete relaxation.

But don’t worry, this strain is great for getting you where you want to go. If you aren’t ready to head to bed, Harle- Tsu won’t send you there. In fact, it can increase your motivation by fending off the depression and anxiety that might be getting in your way. Due to its low THC content, there need be no worry about paranoia or that jittery feeling. If you are a little nervous about even the low psychoactive high of strains like Harlequin, Harle-Tsu is your strain.

Do what works for you

The growth of the cannabis industry has allowed users to customize their experience to a number of different variables. This is a great benefit to those who are looking for specific effects.

Whether you just need that extra kick to get the housework done, have been struggling to stay at your computer all day, or need inspiration for your next great work of art, there may be a cannabis strain that can give the specific kind of focus that you need. Take your time and start with one or two of the suggested strains to see what works for you.

While results may vary for everyone, remember that the right strain is out there for you. It can take a bit of trial and error to find it, but don’t give up. Cannabis is a personal experience—one that you can tailor to your preferences and needs—and with a little work, you’re bound to find


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