Did these two bowhunters see aliens in Taos, New Mexico?

by Amanda Push

Donald Trump believes he is “the chosen one,” child-rapist Roman Polanski won the Grand Jury Prize at the Venice International Film Festival, and now there’s killer slime taking over beaches in France. So, it seems inevitable that an alien race could be closing in on us or, at the very least, they are showing up in Taos, New Mexico, according to Taos News.

After spending several days bowhunting for elk near Cerro de la Olla, aka Pot Mountain, Santa Fe County residents Josh Brinkley and Daniel Lucero unexpectedly found themselves in the Taos News newspaper office explaining to reporter Staci Matlock about a strange and possibly extraterrestrial encounter.

“We’re a couple of guys that don’t believe in much, but we believe now,” Brinkley said.

The two, who have worked together on movie sets for eight years, claim neither of them previously believed in aliens and were nervous about how their story would be taken.

As their account goes, on Sept. 1, the opening of bowhunting season, the two were out looking for elk. Strangely enough, however, they were having a hard time locating any. After three hours, Brinkley decided to take a walk by himself to search. He hiked up to the top of the mountain to a caldera and walked to the edge.

According to Taos News, this is what he saw:

As he walked to the edge he noticed two figures on his side of the caldera. He thought at first they were hunters. But, they were “very tall shapes of these beings, standing side by side, staring right at me,” he said. He walked toward them across the brushy field. He estimates they were about 35 yards away. As a bowhunter, where measuring distance is critical to hitting a target, he said he’s pretty adept at it. He went around the bush and looked again. The figures were gone.He looked around and didn’t see them. “Figured I would talk to them. They were gone, just gone,” Brinkley said.He thought more about what he had seen: With their lower half concealed by bushes in the caldera, he had only seen them from the waist up. “The shape that would be like their heads, it looked like they had huge hoods on. It looked like two ribbons coming off either side to a point at the top and bottom (like a banana). The right side was black, [the] left side was white and a little shiny. Torsos were kind of black, I couldn’t see many details. It definitely looked like clothes. In [the] middle of the oval was just gray.”Brinkley, who was understandably weirded out at that point, went back to find Lucero. Initially, he told Lucero that he saw two hunters that probably scared the elk away, but later, still confused about what he saw, he confessed to Lucero that he didn’t believe that what he actually saw was human. Lucero wasn’t sure what to think.

The next day, Sept. 2, the two headed out again to see if they could find any elk. Still, there seemed to be no elk in the area.

“We couldn’t figure out why there was no elk,” Brinkley told Taos News.

It was when they decided to drive to the other side of the mountain that they were confronted with, yet again, another strange sight.

They drove about 10 minutes when they saw it. They both work with movie sets. At first, they thought it was a movie base camp. “It’s this big tent structure, like a circus tent, 50-60 feet tall. Coming off the left of it was this long building, almost like what you would build for an archery lane for target practice. It was a third the height, but really long, maybe a couple hundred feet.”They were about a quarter-mile away and couldn’t see the bottom of the structure.They watched it for about a minute as they drove. “What is it,” he asked Lucero, “a base camp for a movie? Or are they building an alien ship set?”They drove down a little hill, lost sight of the structure for at most five seconds, Brinkley said. “When we topped the hill, it was gone. Just gone.” There was no dust and no sign that the object had ever been there. They explored the area until dark trying to spot it again, but they had no luck.

Afterward, the two felt they needed to report their story. They contacted Pete Davenport, the executive director of the National UFO Reporting Center in Washington. Davenport told the newspaper that after receiving 350,000 calls over his 25-year career, he believes Brinkley and Lucero were telling the truth.

The two men, who really just want to hunt elk, however, know that to some people they’re going to come across as crazy.

“I just know it was real,” Brinkley said. “It was huge and white and then gone.”

Amanda Push


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