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This week, we are spotlighting a new venture by former Durangoan Tirzah Camacho.

You may recognize Tirzah from the last 15 years of her involvement as an artist in the creative fields here in Durango: she worked at the now-gone Lost Dog Bar & Lounge, was a member of Studio &, has curated art shows at Steamworks and elsewhere and worked alongside me at Sideshow selling clothing during Snowdown: Back to the Eighties this past January.

Tirzah recently opened Era Art & Vintage in downtown Aztec, and we spoke about the new shop.

In what ways has your artistic, professional and personal background, and history in Durango prepared you for opening Era in Aztec?

Over the last 15 or so years in Durango I tried to be as involved in as many different art-oriented “things” as I could, from juried shows, to curating alternative space, to group studio space, you name it. With that, I’ve learned a lot about myself and what I need as an artist to thrive. Durango was to me artistically, as your 20s are to you socially: I tried things, I learned and I’m moving forward.

What exactly do you sell at Era?

Era is a hybrid, both vintage shop and gallery space. Combining the things I love most in the world and curating them together makes for a softer, more approachable environment. See the art as you might see it in your home, next to your “stuff” – not perfectly lit, on a white wall, surrounded by nothing.

The vintage inventory is broad, small furniture, mid-century modern pieces, vintage kitchen, chairs, linens, jewelry, ephemera, with a sprinkle of fun clothing.

Tell me about Era’s gallery walls and the art and artists you would like to show?

What’s most satisfying for me is that the sales of wares from the vintage side of the business offsets the need to hike original art prices through the roof. Typical gallery pricing is double what the artist would like to see. Era is organized to be able to pay the artist more and well and keep retail pricing reasonable, benefiting the artist and the patron alike.

The artists I’d like to show slant on the contemporary, or modern side. I’ve got a bit of bias for artists who incorporate recycled materials also. I’d like to show artists who have never shown work in the Aztec area, bringing new conversation here. I’m planning to bring artists in from out of the Four Corners area as well.

What are your goals with the space?

My goals are numerous. Mostly I’d like to help culturally nurture Aztec by bringing artists into the area and represent them FOR this community. I’m also extremely Earth-conscious, selling vintage wares and clothing is reusing with style. My goal is to sleep each night knowing that I’m contributing as little as possible to our environmental crisis. I’ve created a job for myself where I can do just that.

How are you still involved with Durango and its culture?

I volunteer at a public school in Durango every week. Being involved with the kids is as culturally relevant as anything, probably the most important part of our culture. Art-wise I don’t have any plans – perhaps the DAC juried show; I enjoy the variety it brings.

What are you most apprehensive about in having your own retail business?

I’ve done a lot of planning. I know that I’m offering a particular service to this community with a twist, something new. I’m confident in my abilities, work ethic and ability to grow and change with this business. I have lots of parallel ideas to explore as time goes on. I am not apprehensive, I am thrilled!

What are you most confident about in having the business?

I have faith in people! Humans are hungry for newness, cultural exchange, conversation, growth! I addressed my attendees at my opening last week and said, “I’m honored you’re here, because without you, this doesn’t work, so thanks for showing up!” … and I meant it. People show up.

Tirzah Camacho’s new shop Era, Art and Vintage is located at 103 Chaco Street in downtown Aztec and is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. or by appointment. Call (970) 769-7492 for more information.

Tirzah is on Instagram as Tirzah_art and #eraaztec

Heather Narwid owns Sideshow, a vintage and modern clothing store for men and women. Sideshow is now located in Durango at 208 County Road 250 in the fabulous commerce corridor between Florida Road and 32nd Street. Sideshow is open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. till 6 pm.


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