Durango street style: Harry Potter tattoos and statement tights

by Patty Templeton

If you see a bohemian chic blonde daydreaming around Durango who looks straight out of an indie movie, it may well be Harley Carney. Carney is a world traveler, hella fun to talk to, and a cosmetologist and makeup artist at Hair Fusion Salon and Spa.

DGO chatted up Carney to find out where she gets her mad-beautiful street style.

“I’ve always been inspired by the world and fashion around me. My mom can tell you I started dressing myself when I was about 2. Never looked good back then, but I was interested. It was a lot of patterns. (Laughs)

I collect everything from classic bohemian stuff to professional business attire, like blazers, as well.

I work with hair colors so I’m always getting color on myself. For work clothes, I buy stuff from Ross and H&M online, cheaper stuff. For the clothes I wear when I’m not working, I usually shop more small boutiques in Durango, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, the designer brands, but also thrift stores. I love thrift stores. You find the best stuff at thrift stores.

I think fashion is an awesome way to express yourself without words. I gather ideas from all across the eras and all across the world. I lived in Scotland for a while outside of Edinburgh and I definitely keep up with the fashion there. I lived in New York City for a while and still keep up with the fashion there through every New York Times and random fashion Instagram blog possible. I think I took the idea of being outlandish, that wearing something that’s not normally within the mold of what Durango wears is OK. I feel like traveling and living in other places has given me more inspiration to stand out in a crowd a little more with statement pieces. Like, I have this awesome pair of tights that I got in Portland. They’re an obnoxious, lace pattern. I love them.

My fox, bobcat, and my Harry Potter phrase (tattoos) were all done by Lawrence Pennington who is now at Graceful Eye Tattoo. The two watercolors were cover-ups of old scars. Basically, I wanted to take something that made me feel insecure and ugly and turn it into something beautiful. The phrase on my collarbone reads ‘Until the end’ with the Deathly Hallows from Harry Potter. I got it the day Alan Rickman, who played Snape, died.

When I was in New York, I felt really pressured to look extra nice constantly. Same with Scotland. Here, I don’t have to try as hard all the time. It’s nice to be laid back and fashionable. Durango is a happy medium for that. I’ve been back two years. I like the bohemian style that comes in Durango. It’s fun to draw from.”

Interview edited and condensed for clarity. Got rad style or know someone who always looks fab? Send DGO a heads-up on who to interview next at [email protected]Patty Templeton


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