Edible review: 1906 Midnight

by DGO Pufnstuf

My nights with insomnia usually go something like this: fall asleep. Wake up an hour later with a terrible ’90s crotch-rock song in my head. Flop around for an hour. Get up, get some food. Read a bunch of dumb junk on Reddit. Fall back asleep. Wake up 20 minutes later with another freaking song in my head. Accept my fate. Lay there until the sun comes up and then inexplicably fall asleep AFTER the sun is up, making me late for work.

It sucks. Insomnia freaking sucks.

I’ve dealt with this issue for almost as long as I can remember. Weed usually takes care of the issues these days, but what it takes to fall asleep isn’t always what it takes to keep me asleep. In other words, I can smoke to my heart’s content and pass out. But if it’s not the right dose or strength, there are days when my brain does that same old song and dance again a few hours later.

That usually leaves me with two choices: smoke more at 4 a.m. with the risk that it will cause me to oversleep or just flop around and deal with it. I generally just take the latter — I’m too much of a workaholic to risk missing work from being stoned. But I will tell you that it’s tempting as hell to do the former.

Well, it was tempting as hell, anyway. Now that I’ve discovered these 1906 Midnight chocolates, which are artisanal dark chocolate edibles that help you sleep, that old song and dance has gone by the wayside. I sleep like a damn champ.

I’m going to be honest with you here. I only tried these chocolates because they were recommended by the budtender. I’ve tried other 1906 products and liked them, but not the dark chocolate. I wouldn’t have picked them up otherwise.

Why, you ask? Because I’m a big ass baby and I hate dark chocolate. I’ll suffer through it if it’s in, like, a cake with other sweeter chocolate, but on its own? Hell no. Most of it is bitter and gross to me. I would not buy it willingly.

Anyway, I agreed to try these 1906 Chocolates despite the fact that I dislike dark chocolate, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever been nicely talked into making. They are a frigging lifesaver.

They taste pretty good, too. Or better than I was expecting, anyway. I popped one in my mouth one night when I was having trouble sleeping (probably due to the copious amount of energy drinks I consume) and I didn’t gag. Was it milk chocolate? No. But it tasted fine.

There was no weedy aftertaste, either. It was all just bitter, slightly sweet dark chocolate. I honestly wouldn’t have believed it had weed in it if I hadn’t taken it out of the sealed box myself.

And, to be fair, if you’re a dark chocolate lover, you’ll probably love these. 1906 does a bang-up job of creating edibles. They use a bunch of fancy, high-end ingredients to create their products, and they’re fast-acting, too. These particular edibles kick in, on average, in about 15 minutes. So it’s not their fault I don’t like dark chocolate.

This particular chocolate, Midnight, is one of the company’s best sellers for a reason. These chocolates contain 5 mg of CBD and THC in each chocolate, and they also include another key ingredient, corydalis, which has been used for millennia due to its sedative properties. In other words, it’ll knock your ass out.

And knock my ass out it did. They aren’t joking when they say these chocolates should be consumed RIGHT before you go to bed. I took one and went from wide-freaking-awake to dead to the world in what felt like a matter of minutes. I don’t remember closing my eyes. I don’t recall laying down. I don’t even remember getting in bed. I just remember lowkey griping to myself about dark chocolate and then waking up the next morning, confused at how I slept that long.

Is that a win? That’s a freaking win. No more bouncing songs in my head. No more flipping or flopping. Just pure, unadulterated sleep. I guess dark chocolate is a small price to pay for that.

DGO Pufnstuf


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