Marijuana sales in Colorado are still setting revenue records, either in spite of or due to the pandemic

by Amanda Push

If we’ve learned anything from COVID-19, it’s that Coloradoans aren’t going to let a pandemic get between them and their weed. Take our bud out of our cold, dead claws, coronavirus!

We say this because, in July, sales for cannabis in Colorado set a record (again), exceeding $200 million, according to the Denver Post.

If you break that down, it looks a little something like this, according to the Colorado Department of Revenue:

• $183,106,003 in recreational marijuana sold

• $43,268,565 in medical marijuana sold

• Recreational and medical sales combined created $226,374,568 in revenue

These numbers are up quite a bit from June – 13.8 percent to be exact – which was another record-setting month after dispensaries made nearly $199 million in revenue.

As far as 2020 goes, Colorado stoners have purchased more than $1.2 billion worth of cannabis at dispensaries. Thus, the Centennial State has collected $203 million in taxes this year so far. Keep in mind that numbers from August, our highest-grossing month usually, haven’t been reported yet. We won’t find out those numbers till later this month.

That’s not all, though. Cannabis sales did so well this year that they’re expected to blow 2019’s revenue record of $1.75 billion in annual sales out of the water (just like 2019 surpassed 2018’s sales).

This all comes in the wake of the scourge of mankind’s existence right now: COVID-19. However, as we can tell from the numbers, that didn’t stop consumers from getting their weed fix. During the height of COVID-19 and Colorado’s stay-at-home order, dispensaries were allowed to stay open. However, the strict stay-at-home policies forced the state and dispensaries to adjust by allowing for online order, curbside pickup, and even marijuana delivery options.

While COVID isn’t taking a dent out of marijuana sales numbers this summer, it is impacting the industry in other ways, potentially long-term. In August, a weed vending machine debuted at Strawberry Fields in Pueblo and Starbuds in Aurora. Could this be the future of weed sales in Colorado? Only time will tell.

Amanda Push


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