Edible review: Coda Signature Fruit Notes Kiwi and Watermelon

by Sir Blaze Ridcully

Budtenders are the best, right? In fact, you should always try to tip them when you visit the dispensary cuz they are our guardian angels when it comes to finding the best cannabis products.

It is actually because of my favorite budtender that I came across Coda Signature Fruit Notes Kiwi and Watermelon, my new preferred flavor of this brand line.

On top of their welcomed suggestion, I was also informed by my budtender to keep these edibles in the freeze for maximum deliciousness, which is what I did as soon as I came home from the dispensary.

After a long day of work, I decided it was high time I popped one of these and sat down for another COVID-19 inspired evening of watching TV while performing various other tasks whilst stoned.

The bag comes with 20 pieces and each morsel contains 5 mg of THC. Every little cube is coated with an infused sugar blended. Added bonuses: these edibles are vegan, gluten-free, and made with all-natural ingredients including real fruit.

When I opened up the bag, I was hit with the strong smell of sweet watermelon with tones of tart kiwi. These edibles are aromatic, to say the least. I popped one in, thought about it some more, and ate a second one for good measure. Like their chocolates, Coda packs a similar, powerful flavor with Fruit Notes. The kiwi and watermelon fruity swirl was strong with this one.

Two things I noticed after ingesting this edible: Kiwi and watermelon gummies will throw you into laughing fits and will literally leave you high and dry with the munchies. And I mean DRY. That cottonmouth was no joke.

I can’t remember entirely because most of it was a blur, but I vaguely remember eating an entire bag of chips and half of several candy bars. Not the whole things but only HALF of them because, in my stoned state of mind, I thought I was being greedy. There’s truly no such thing as being full when you have the munchies like that.

Another thing I noticed was (OK, stay with me here) I started hearing UFO interference once I was stoned to high Zuul. Don’t look at me with your judgmental eyes! I know what I heard!

OK, maybe I was too high for my own good and didn’t actually know what I heard, BUT I know what I thought I heard.

While sitting on my couch, I was convinced I was getting UFO radar signals from space and was quick to inform my friend and fellow weed writer, DGO Pufnstuf. They were not convinced that whatever I was experiencing was based in reality, but they also didn’t tell me my experience was totally off base. After all, when the extraterrestrials do come I fully expect to be stoned off my ass.

Coda Signature Fruit Notes Kiwi and Watermelon is a delicious and an effective way to get high.

Be warned, though. Extraterrestrials may or may not attempt to contact you if you get too high. But still, thanks for gracing our taste buds, guys.

Sir Blaze Ridcully


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