Vape review: the DART vape from Seed & Smith

by DGO Pufnstuf

Have you ever encountered a vape that works so well you emit clouds large enough to make you feel like a dang dragon? I have, and I am now frigging obsessed with this thing.

What is it, you ask? Oh, it’s just the Seed & Smith Dart, a handy little vape battery and cartridge system from the cannabis connoisseurs up at Seed & Smith in Denver.

I’d never seen this vape on the shelves prior to trying it out, and I can tell you that it’s a darn shame it took this long to discover it. This little modern-looking machine is a workhorse, one that bowled me over the first time I used it.

Oh, and by bowled me over I mean it caused me to choke like nobody’s business before bursting into fits of laughter because I was so freaking high. Here’s what happened.

So, like I said, I wasn’t aware that this vape even existed until an email landed in my inbox from the Seed & Smith rep. We tend to get a ton of information sent to us on the interesting new cannabis products that are rolling out, but this one stuck out to me right off the bat thanks to the unique design.

What stuck out to me is that rather than looking like your typical old vape battery, this thing looks like a high-tech weed spaceship, one that can launch you to Mars in about 2.54 seconds flat.

I had to try it on the design alone. And, since Kinfolk Farms is one of the few dispensaries in Durango to carry any Seed & Smith products, I got to pick it up there.

Now, before I go any further, it’s important to note that Kinfolk currently carries Seed & Smith bud, which is awesome flower, but this vape isn’t on the shelf there yet. It might be in the near future though.

Moving on. Anyway, I picked this bad boy up from Kinfolk and was immediately struck by the packaging. Not only do these vapes look cool, but there was clearly care taken in developing the packaging, too. It looks like bourgeois pothead gear rather than your typical old gear. The cartridges, which Seed & Smith call pods, come in metal containers rather than cardboard boxes, a testament to how much thought was put into the display. There are different tiers of pods, too. I ended up with a variety, including a Black Jack live distillate and Super Sour Lemon live.

So, between the packaging and the design, I figured this thing was rad. Once I’d ripped into the packaging, my beliefs were confirmed. These pods-slash-carts are the real deal. They look like the tip of a rocket ship or a nuclear weapon. And, to get them into the vape, all you have to do is drop them into the battery like you’re dropping a bomb. The magnet system does the rest.

Unlike said weapons of mass destruction, though, these pods are used for good and not evil.

Once you’ve dropped a pod in place, all you have to do is take a drag to get it working. That’s literally it. No warming up, no complicated app or button system to contend with. It’s drop and drag.

And that’s precisely what I did. I dropped the Black Jack live distillate pod into its little cavernous space in the battery and then took a hit. A massive honking hit. You can see where this is going.

Rather than imbibing with such a large ass hit, I should have started a little slower than I did. I’m used to having to inhale deeply to get the kind of clouds I want from a vape, but that was not the case with this bad boy. Holy hell, does it work. One huge inhale in and I felt like my lungs had been ripped out of my chest.

I coughed for what felt like 45 hours straight, both confused and amused with what I’d done. And, once I’d finally caught my breath, it was pretty clear that I was high as hell.

By that I mean everything went fuzzy and my eyes involuntarily went half-mast. So, not only are these vapes capable of producing huge clouds, but they’re also capable of getting this pot reviewer higher than the highest heights.

I’m not even kidding, you guys. I was so high that I kept laughing to myself about nothing in between wheezes, my lungs screaming at me for my huge drag.

A few more hits and the high quickly morphed into the most indica-typical feels I’d ever felt. I was tired but not sleepy, and my mind was all over the place. I went from feeling like Snoop Dogg with my giant clouds to feeling like a literal mound of goo in the very best way.

Sometime after that, I spent a lot of time pondering how mad I would be if I sat on a jury and the judge decided not to take the recommendation me and my fellow jurists slaved over to decide. No idea why that came to mind, but there it is, folks. There’s my full dumb showing, all via my notes.

At some point I must have passed out, but I don’t remember when that happened. I do remember my eyes feeling super heavy, and I remember nodding off a few times before fully submitting to the calm sleep that came over me. I slept like an absolute baby, too. Woke up the next morning confused but happy, and possibly still high if we’re judging by the amount of food I ate shortly thereafter.

So, if you’re looking for an upgrade to that current vape battery you’re using, might I suggest this bad boy? You’ll probably make the same mistake I did and inhale entirely too much THC in one hit, but that’s not a bad thing. Just know it’s going to happen and then ride the wave.

Trust me, this vape is worth the learning curve. Now if we could just find someone to carry the cartridges in the area and we’d be all set. Here’s to hoping, cause I’m already obsessed and will need some replacements soon. It’s that good.

DGO Pufnstuf


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