Strain review: Pink Banana from Prohibition Herb

by DGO Pufnstuf

They called it mellow yellow (banana). When I was trying to think of a way to kick this review off, that song was all that came to mind, so we’re going with it. That’s where I’m at right now. You’re welcome for the unnecessary information!

Anyway, the reason this song is an earworm invading my brain right now is because we’re reviewing a strain called Pink Banana from Prohibition Herb this week. Perhaps you’ve heard of it before?

Wrong! Trick question! Unless you’ve been to Prohibition to buy it, you in fact have NOT heard of it before. This strain is an original from the minds over at Prohibition.

Given that it’s an uncommon strain, I’ll start with the basics. This strain is a hybrid, and is a cross of Prohibition’s Banana Kush and Pink Sands — hence the name Pink Banana.

I learned very quickly, though, that there was a lot to be excited about with this strain. That started when I opened the lid to the container and found what were quite possibly the fattest ass nugs I’d ever seen. I would show you a pic, but Prohibition sent over that cool ass graphic you’re seeing and I didn’t want to waste it. If you want to encounter those nugs, I suggest you do so in person.

I also suggest you do so because these nugs were the stickiest, ickiest, smelliest, and most trichome-covered nugs on the planet. They basically glowed when removed from the container.

Don’t believe me? Psh. I sent a pic to my dad, who is an old school pothead who has grown his own flower since before I was born. And HE, the expert in all things dank, confirmed it. When he’s impressed? Well, you can bet I am, too.

And, his first response was, “Holy hell that’s a nice bud. Is it sticky?” I rolled it around in my fingers to test it out and found that yes, it was in fact sticky. So sticky with trichomes, in fact, that it stuck to my fingers. So, not only is that my opinion, but my scientifically valid experiment proved it, too. Even the sticky-icky connoisseur, Snoop Dogg, would be impressed, I do believe.

Given the beauty of Pink Banana, I couldn’t wait to try it out. Once I got home, I busted out those phat nugs to light one or three up quick. I felt a little guilty ruining them with the grinder, to be honest with you, but you gotta do what you gotta do, I guess. Tis work, after all.

The nugs ground up just fine, too, despite the sticky factor. And, I got enough plant matter from ONE nug to fill the chamber of my dry herb vape, with lots of fluffy weed particles left over to smoke later.

And, as I’d expected, the smoke from this strain was smooth and pleasant when inhaled. It had a grassy, slightly fruity taste under the smoke. It was so pleasant that I ended up smoking the entire bowl in one sitting, despite it being like 4 p.m. when I lit it up.

Luckily, that rumor about the strain being mellow did, indeed, turn out to be true. The effects rolled in shortly after the bowl was cashed, gently and evenly, like a warm hug. It was a nice change of pace from the strains that hit like a ton of bricks, and it was actually perfect for afternoon smoking.

I guess the best way to put it is that there was nothing overwhelming about the effects. The high was pleasant and noticeable, but there was nothing that knocked me into next year. I was completely capable of focusing and functioning, which was freaking awesome, and I almost felt like my thoughts were more streamlined and cleaner, if that makes sense? I did send a wall of text to Blaze, our other pot writer, before noticing, but I was well aware enough to follow up with a caveat that I was high right after.

So, if you’re curious about those fatter than heck buds, I suggest you high-tail it to Prohibition. I have a feeling this beauty won’t last long on the shelves, and if you miss it, I ain’t sharing.

DGO Pufnstuf


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