Edible review: Jade & Jane’s Cupcakes

by DGO Pufnstuf

Cupcakes are delicious. Those tiny cakes are basically the epitome of all that is good in this world: sugar. There’s copious amounts of sugar in the frosting, copious amounts of sugar in the cake itself, and once you eat them, there’s copious amounts of sugar in your body. And you know what makes that sugar, glorious sugar, even better? Freakin’ THC, that’s what.

I know you’re probably confused. What do cupcakes have to do with THC? Well, the answer is everything, because we’re talking about Jade & Jane’s Cupcakes. These cupcakes are delicious tiny cakes filled with that good ol’ reefer madness cannabinoid, which means that Jade & Jane’s Cupcakes will get you high on way more than sugar.

We got our (now sticky) paws on one of these cupcakes at Prohibition Herb. The dispensary carries the chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet flavors of these stoner cakes. We went with red velvet because, well, it’s the best flavor of cake, the end, and I’ll tell you what – it was the right decision. That cupcake was delicious. Nary a hint of weed in that bad boy. Had I not known it contained THC, I never would have guessed.

Well, until the THC kicked in, anyway. I was surprised at how quickly the THC in this cupcake worked its magic. It was probably less than an hour from eating to stoned, which is pretty darn quick. I’ve had edibles that took hours to work, but this one was small and mighty. Once it did, I was an obvious level of stoned – the kind where your limbs feel a little wobbly, your eyes get a little heavy, and your stomach decides it wants to inhale anything within a 12-foot radius.

Oddly enough, though, it was a completely manageable level of stoned, which rarely is the case for me with edibles. They usually cause my head to feel like a balloon and my limbs to stop working. To be fair, I did, at one point, feel like I had to tell my arm how to work after eating this cupcake, but I think that may have been a little bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy. I pretty much just expect my body to refuse cooperation after an edible.

Other than that one weird arm blip, though, it was smooth, stoned sailing. I was high, relaxed, but completely able to function, and was even able to work the frigging remote, which is rarely the case after I ingest or smoke ANY weed-related anything. A nice surprise for sure, but I ended up freaking myself out with the new season of Stranger Things. That probably would have happened either way, though, cause that shit, and those Mind Flayer jerks, are straight up not right for this world. (#RIP Hopper. We barely knew thee.) Jade & Jane Cupcakes are, though. They’re just right for this life.

Listen. I will always advocate for eating the damn cupcake, whether you’re on a cleanse or going keto or whatever, because life is too short not to do it. And I’ll especially advocate for eating this particular cupcake, because it’s sugary, delicious, and it will get you stoned – a combo that really couldn’t get any better.

DGO Pufnstuf


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