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Album review: Hot Snakes reissues

Hot Snakes, “Automatic Midnight” (2000);...

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New at Southwest Sound: Jan. 19

Jan. 19Fall Out Boy,...

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Kalish’s sound is built on classic country and punk rock

2017 was a light performance year for Nathan Kalish, the lightest in eight or so years of...

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Pit etiquette: Unspoken rules of self-governed rock-show rowdiness

Mosh pits, holy shit. To a casual onlooker, they look like a lot of jackasses beating the snot...

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Album review: Shame, “Songs of Praise”

Shame, “Songs of Praise”

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New at Southwest Sound: Jan. 12

Jan. 12Summoning, “With...

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Los Lobos: An American treasure 40 years in the making

They are one of the great American rock bands. America is still a melting pot, rock...

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Lynch’s anticipated albums of 2018, Part II

There will be, soon enough, plenty of new music to pore over. In the coming months, we will...