The hottest musicians playing in the Four Corners and beyond.

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Another take on the hip hop scene

The co-founders of Durango Hip Hop are Anthony Nocella, a professor at FLC, and Josh Jones,...

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New at Southwest Sound

May 6

1. Homeboy Sandman, “Kindness for Weakness”

2. The Rides,...

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Album review: Julianna Barwick, “Will”

Julianna Barwick, “Will”

Available: Friday, May 5, as a download, CD and...

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Why indie record labels still matter

Independent record labels continue to be the lifeblood of cutting-edge music. Forget the...

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Album review: Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds, “La Araña Es La Vida”

Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds, ‘La Araña Es La...

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Farmington Hill country-rocks on with album release

Two songs into the latest record from Farmington Hill and you’ll catch onto a lyrical...

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New at Southwest Sound

April 29

1. Rob Zombie, “Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration...

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Nasty purity: Remembering the style of Prince

In life, Prince vibrated on a higher frequency, musically and stylistically. In death, he has...