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iAM MUSIC hosts Durango’s first music walk

You may have heard of Durango’s Art Walk on the first Thursday of every month –...

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My 4 favorite breakup songs

“You & Me” by Sara Watkins

Musically speaking, this song is profound....

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Greg Blake is back for Bluegrass Meltdown

Find a better bluegrass festival than Durango’s Bluegrass Meltdown. You can try, and...

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Get Smart About: Durango Bluegrass Meltdown

April’s here, which means that it’s Meltdown time. Who better than the stalwart...

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Album review: Sturgill Simpson, “A Sailor’s Guide to Earth”

Sturgill Simpson, “A Sailor’s Guide to Earth”

Available: Friday...

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New at Southwest Sound

April 8

1. Sturgill Simpson, “Sailor’s Guide To Earth”

2. PJ...

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La La Bones to release first album

With the Bluegrass Meltdown going on this weekend, there’s going to be live music in...

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Must Own Albums, Part 2: Early punk

Exploring early punk rock is a worthy musical study guaranteed to better a record collection....