The hottest musicians playing in the Four Corners and beyond.

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Tireless and eclectic Birchard releases album after album

The recorded works of local musician Tim Birchard are textbook examples of diversity and...

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Get Smart about music lessons

Suffer through violin lessons as a kid? Forced to sit at the piano until you practiced the...

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Git down with the Six Dollar String Band

Durango’s second underground barn dance is taking place at the Irish Embassy...

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Hello, Dollface playing the Ranch

If you’re planning to be out downtown on Friday night and you’re looking for...

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Covering Velvet Underground

KDUR Community Radio started doing “cover nights” to fundraise in the late...

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From funk to reggae to electrofusion, all to benefit Stillwater Foundation

If you’ve ever been to a musical performance and gotten goose bumps from a voice or...

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Gritty and angsty, bluegrass is as American as it gets

Some people say there’s too much bluegrass in this town. Others will say not...

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New at Southwest Sound: Feb. 19

Feb. 19

Mavis Staples, “Living on a High Note”

Animal Collective,...