News and commentary on craft beer.

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Let’s talk about those sweet local summer beers

Summer doesn’t officially begin until June 21, but this is Durango. We make our own...

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Stop in for a draft at Pagosa Brewing

While the phrase “hop on a dick” may seem offensive, chances are, it does not...

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Fencline Cider in Mancos is your new boozy home away from home

Pour it up. And by “it” we mean apple cider, because out at Fenceline Cider in...

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Beer blending: What’s out there and what do brewers think?

Every brewery we visited in Durango had a number of mixed beers customers regularly ask for....

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Mixed beers: Creativity and customization or abomination?

On one hand, it’s like putting ketchup on a steak, a ruinous bastardization of beer...

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Mexican beer is muy popular. Here’s why

Sure, Cinco de Mayo is here and you’re probably thinking there’s no better time...

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Mexican beer taste test: Pick one and be refreshed

Let’s face it, most Mexican beers available around here are all but indistinguishable...

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Beers and biking is the only way to get around Durango

Until I moved to upstate New York, where the cold, dark winter totally decimated my physical...