Hella easy pranks and hoaxes for April Fools’ Day

by Patty Templeton

Are you the one that always has the “kick-me” sign on your back? Has someone sent you on a gwok hunt (aka a useless errand for a nonexistent item)? Maybe you’re the most gullible person ever (Dude, you aren’t alone. I can be convinced of almost anything if said in a sincere voice). WELL! It ends here. Be the one playing the prank instead of the prank pulled on you.

However, maybe you don’t want to be the jerk who makes officemates throw up from injecting donuts with ketchup. Or you feel that gluing quarters to the counter and watching folks try to pick them up screams of WTF. No worries, these are non-ahole tricks and gags that take little to no effort and probably won’t get you punched in the face:

Block a mouse sensor with a piece of paper and tape … or you can get creative about it. Take this fine example of a luscious Steve Buscemi.

Serve up a friend some fried unicorn. OK. OK. It may look like a Spam can fulla a mythical meat, but really, there is a stuffed unicorn inside here.

Dip your coworker’s pens in a coating of clear nail polish.

We all touch our genitals at some point in the day. Why not remind others of it in public with this hand sanitizer?

Take a screenshot of your loved one’s computer screen. Set it as the background image. Then hide all of the desktop icons. A struggle will ensue …

The free food table at work is the best. Until there’s a potato chip can that explodes a four-foot snake at whoever opens it. Then the free food table at work is the best EVER.

Place a terrifying picture in a coworker’s most commonly-used drawer. Take for example … the Trump drawer.

Feeling bad because you aren’t the pranking type? Buy this prank gift box but then fill it with your victim’s favorite candy.

Patty TempletonDGO Staff Writer


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