Highdeas: What should you do on 4/20?

by Anya Jaremko-Greenwold

Several Durango dispensaries are having holiday specials!

Durango Greenery: Celebrating early on Saturday, 4/16 with specials, drawings and free pizza.

Sante Durango: On 4/20, the shop has a spinning wheel with prizes (you could win a gift basket, vaporizer, T-shirts, or discount toward your purchases). Also giving away free T-shirts.

Colorado Grow Company: On 4/20 all buds are special pricing; $12 for a gram, $40 for an eighth, $75 for a quarter.

Rocky Mountain High: On 4/20 specials include 4 pre-rolled joints for $20 (all strains), $25 eighths (select strains), $25 grams of hash, 10% off all edibles and $125 ounces (select strains).

Animas Herbal: $10 off eighths, $15 off if you have a valid medical card. Gold (best quality) $25 an eighth and $10 a gram, Platinum $30 1/8 $12G, Fire $35 1/8 14G. Plus more deals on wax/shatter and medical!

We also asked dispensary employees what they’d recommend on the celebratory date.

“It should be a social event. Because of the illegality, it could never be social before. Now it’s about people coming together, being outdoors … you should definitely go out in nature. And do something you love! 4/20 is like a celebration of legalization.”

Pat Dalton, Durango Rec Room

“Enjoy nature. It’s spring, we live in a beautiful place. So, nature and friends.”

Sam Redman, Durango Greenery

“I always end up working on 4/20, unfortunately. It’s normally our busiest day of the year!”

Anonymous, Durango Organics

“Don’t be stressed. I use cannabis as medicine, and have for years. It helps me to be less stressed.”

Beth Caldwell, Sante Durango

“Hopefully it’s a nice sunny day. Nothing better than a hike, chilling by the river and smoking a joint.”

Nick Thompson, Colorado Grow Co.

“Be safe, enjoy recreational cannabis. To be honest, 4/20 was a lot more important to me when I was younger. But consume responsibly.”

Anonymous, Rocky Mountain High

“Blunts, blunts and more blunts!”

Vanessa Brown, Animas Herbal


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