Hot weed sex: Cannabis-infused products to take to bed

by DGO Web Administrator

It’s a Tuesday night. You’re sick of Netflix. Who lit that candle? Doesn’t matter. The lights are low. Annie Lennox’s “I Put a Spell on You,” strolls from the radio, and your fingers stroke your zipper. Oh and my, maybe you’re thinking of a bright-eyed human who sits next to you in class. Maybe it’s that tall drink of water that moved to Denver, or a dark-haired beauty who works at the pub. Hell, maybe you’re a lucky, lusty beast and that partner (or group of gorgeous lovers) walks into your living room.

What’s gonna make your sensual soirée even steamier? Getting wet and hard with weed. Here’s the naughtiest cannabis products to use during passionate moments by yourself or with others:

FORIA Pleasure WithinThis popular, cannabis-infused lubricant can be found across Durango pot shops. “FORIA sent us samples and, risking TMI, I used one and it was great,” said Sayrah Sims, manager of Prohibition Herb. “It’s a coconut oil base so it’s hypoallergenic for most people … Topicals stimulate circulation so it brings all the blood to that area.”

The weed lube takes 15 to 30 minutes to fully activate after several spritzes on the body. Then, yowza, enhanced pleasure, slippin’ and slidin’, and deep body relaxation.

Note: FORIA recommends its lube *not* be used with a latex condom.

1906’s High Love ChocolatesHigh Love Chocolate works the Blue Dream strain into a premium edible. This aphrodisiac has, “Muira Puama, known as the ‘Viagra of the Amazon,” said Tracy Robinette, manager of Santé. “They are fast-acting chocolates … There will be a body relaxation, but not a head high as much.”

“High Love uses Ayurvedic herbs,” said Jessica Neal of Durango Organics. “One budtender tried High Love on a trip to the hot springs with her partner and said it’s a body buzz but still very relaxing. She is an herbalist and really liked the herbal combinations.”

Mary Jane’s Medicinals Massage OilNot much can get erotic action happening quicker than a lil’ innocent massage. Mary Jane’s has an all-natural, cannabis-infused massage oil. “Depending on the person, three pumps should do the job. Unless a person likes to get super slippery, a dab will do you,” said Sims. “It relaxes the back and can give you that jello-y body feeling.”

Apothecanna’s Sexy Time Personal Intimacy OilSexy Time Personal Intimacy Oil, a.k.a. cannabis-infused lube, should be used about 15 minutes before throwing the hotdog down the hallway. “It works fast,” said Jessica Neal. “We get lots of rave reviews and people keep coming in for it.” This topical increases sensitivity and blood flow and floral-scented oils will provide the slide for your next skin-ride.

Bonus bitsDurango Organics, Prohibition Herb, Santé, and other pot shops in town have a ton of edibles. Anything chocolate-based is a supposed aphrodisiac, according to ancient wisdom. Another route to romance is through the bath. Dixie’s Bath Soak and Mary Jane’s Heavenly Hash Bath both provide restoration and relaxation that can easily lead to soft sex or a sweet sleep, or both!

Thinking about smoking before stroking? “If you are looking for a high-energy experience, do a sativa,” said Robinette. “It is more of a go-get-it, creative, energetic strain. If you are looking more for a relaxing experience, an indica would be the go-to.”


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