Marijuana strain review: Grape Kush

by Meggie J

What is it?Grape Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid. Its parents are a delicious, fruity, Romulan Grapefruit (a hybrid with some Blueberry in its family tree) and earthy, heady, Bubba Kush.

The effectsGrape Kush is a very heady indica that makes your body want to stay in close contact with your couch, while your mind goes off on various vacations due to the fantastic cerebral effects of the sativa at work.

The smellWhile its fruity notes are not as strong as some of its cousins, Grape Kush has a wonderful pine aroma, with earthy undertones and a light finish of blueberries.

The look Grape Kush has small dense nuggets of an almost purple color. The trichromes are dark instead of light, causing the red hairs to make the dark green nugs appear to have shimmering purple lights.

The tasteGrape Kush has a light fruit flavor, a complex mix of grapefuit and blueberries on the inhale and a rich and pungent earthy taste on the exhale.

The final verdictWith the word “Grape” in its name, I wanted to taste a little more grape, like in Grape Ape or Grape Drink. However, the light fruit flavors were a pleasant mix with the deep heaviness of the Kush. This hybrid really does give you a little bit of everything, not just in taste, but effects as well. Great weed for creativity and body relaxation, while still providing good mental stimulation. It is a happy, good-tasting buzz.

Meggie J


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