My dog is not a deer, but Orange Krush told me otherwise

by DGO Pufnstuf

Earlier this week, I mistook my massive dog – he’s half Great Dane and half Boxer (with the coolest brindle coat ever) – for a deer. I smoked a little bit of the Orange Krush sample sent over from Pagosa Therapeutics, and that was all it took to send me off onto that voyage.

Me: “Holy shit! I totally just saw a deer on the upstairs deck!”

The people in my house: “Uh, you realize that’s 15 feet off the ground, right…”

Me: “I swear to god…”

And, of course, right about then, my dog comes bouncing across the patio to make sure I – and everyone else – knew he was not a deer.

I felt like a giant jackass once I realized that the creature hopping on the deck was not, in fact, Bambi, but was, in fact, my dog, who had probably just spotted a hummingbird or something. This Orange Krush – a hybrid strain that does not really smell like oranges to me – is the third strain from Pagosa Therapeutics to really knock me on my proverbial ass. What are y’all putting in the soil?!

Not that being knocked on your ass is a bad thing. It had already been a long week, so a little bit of silliness was a welcome change, even if I did get called out for several hours about my dumb deer mistake. Sometimes you gotta unwind and check out, which Orange Krush certainly helped me do.

It’s odd, though, that this strain was able to force me out of my own head. Orange Krush is sativa-dominant, which often puts me deep into my own brain as I come up with solutions for every and anything. But that was not the case with this strain.

I was also surprised that I couldn’t sniff out the overwhelming orange scent that this strain is known for. The strain smelled pleasant and herbal to me, but there was nary an orange to be found. But, even without the orange notes, the taste wasn’t harsh, and grind produced the prettiest little chunks of green and orange-haired bud. It also burned nice and evenly, as has been the case with the other strains we’ve reviewed from this dispensary.

And, it doesn’t really matter that I couldn’t smell the oranges, because this strain put me in a way better mood than I’d started in, which probably came from the extra kick of energy. Things started off kinda trippy, as you probably gathered from my dog-deer mistake, and I was high – high enough to see deer on my deck – but I was still completely able to function. Once I eased into the high, I felt relaxed but not tired. Perhaps the best way to describe it is at ease. I felt at ease. (Even with the nonstop jokes about the dog-deer being hurled at me.) I also felt like socializing, which I definitely did not feel like doing prior to smoking.

The effects were pretty long-lasting, too. I smoked the bowl at about 8 p.m., and I was still pretty chill, with spirits to the heavens, a couple of hours later. That’s pretty impressive, considering I was re-watching Stranger Things, and that series scared the actual shit out of me the first time around, also while high, but that time on edibles.

I like this strain a lot. It would be good for introverts who want to get over the crushing fear of social situations, a category I fall into. It doesn’t render you incapacitated or turn you into a nonstop chatterbox, which (at least for me) can happen with other sativa-heavy strains. It will just kind of clear your brain of the stuff bogging you down, prompt you to be a social butterfly, and then perhaps convince you that your dog is a deer. Or maybe that’s just me.

DGO Pufnstuf


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