Quest for the best breakfast burrito for days you’re hurrying in to work

by Amanda Push

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but when you’re racing out your door, desperate to make it into the office before 9 a.m. and you can barely open your eyes because the caffeine hasn’t kicked in yet, it’s also the most convenient meal of the day to skip. Trying to shovel food down your gullet without spilling it all over your dry clean-only pants as you speed your late-ass way toward work just makes everything worse. And, let’s face it, those apples and granola bars stashed in your desk suck.

That’s why the cooking gods have blessed us with another option: the almighty breakfast burrito. Thick, meaty, and portable – the perfect option for a hurried breakfast. Here’s a round-up of some quick grab-and-go breakfast burritos for you busybodies on a tight schedule.

Durango DoughworksBurrito style we tried: Western Scramble

The run down: There are two options for breakfast burritos at Durango Doughworks: you can either grab one of the pre-made burritos by the front, or you can ask for them to make a fresh one for you. It’s easy access to a quick breakfast that you can shove in your mouth on your drive to work, AND you have the option of eight different types of burritos, including Green Chile, No Eggs, and Carne Asada.

Our opinion: The Western Scramble was a thick helping of eggs, black forest ham, onion, bell pepper, and cheddar. We opted for the pre-made Western Scramble (cuz we were in a hurry, too) and kinda wished we’d stuck around for the freshly made ones. While it was nice and thick and meaty, the tortilla was a bit soggy, though we appreciated that the ends weren’t hard. For you meat lovers out there, Durango Doughworks is sure to pack lotsa ham in there.

Macho’s Fast Mexican FoodBurrito style we tried: Durangatang

The run down: Macho’s has a whole lotta variety when it comes to their breakfast burritos. In fact, they have nine different varieties to choose from, including veggie, chorizo, and machaca. We went with the Durangatang because, well, it was called the Durangatang. This righteous dude was a mix of potatoes, pico de gallo, egg, beans, and cheese.

Our opinion: The Macho’s Durangatang burrito did not look like any breakfast burrito we’ve ever seen. While most of the other contenders we tried out had a lighter tortilla shell, Macho’s was much darker and long and thin. We felt that this burrito could have used a bit more zing to it (and cheese, aka the best part of any burrito). The salsa had PLENTY of spicy flavoring to add, but it’s not super conducive to the eating process, especially if you’re trying to munch it in your car or at your desk. Kudos to Macho’s though for not serving up a soggy tortilla. We appreciate that.

Backcountry GourmetBurrito style we tried: Bacon

The run down: As far as grab-and-go breakfast burritos go around here, Backcountry Gourmet is going to be your highest quality, no questions asked. If you’re in a hurry, it might not be the most convenient spot, cause they make it fresh for you on the spot (which is why they’re so amazing). Backcountry Gourmet has three options: bacon, pork belly, and vegetarian. A little something for everyone.

Our opinion: UNDENIABLY FRIGGIN’ AMAZING. Like we stated earlier, if you’re in a big hurry this might not be the best option, but if you’ve got time to stroll down to 11th Street Station and wait a few minutes for them to cook you up something fresh, it’s worth the wait. They were out of salsa the day we visited, but you don’t even need salsa for these bad boys because they’re packed with so much great flavor – eggs, hash browns, green chili, chipotle sour cream, bacon, cheddar cheese, and a crispy (not soggy) tortilla.

Durango Joe’sBurrito style we tried: Veggie

The run down: Durango Joe’s is as prominent around Durango as Starbucks is in Seattle, and it’s a real convenient shop to kill two birds by grabbing your coffee AND breakfast burrito. A Durango Joe’s spot is just around the corner from our office, so we do this often. We decided to mix it up a little with this one and cut meat out of the menu by ordering a to-go veggie breakfast burrito, complete with eggs, cheese, and hash browns. You can also order sausage and bacon burritos at Durango Joe’s.

Our opinion: Unfortunately, like Durango Doughworks, Durango Joe’s breakfast burritos are a quick but soggy-tortilla breakfast option. However, if you aren’t picky about textures or are able to power through, the egg/cheese/hash brown mixture actually packs a decent punch flavor-wise, which is a good thing, because on that particular morning we forgot to grab salsa and sour cream. The cheese-to-everything else ratio is solid work on Durango Joe’s part.

Amanda Push


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