Seeing Through the Smoke: Mr. Weedman Bring Me a Dream

by DGO Web Administrator

Cannabis can be like heaven’s manna for the insomniac. If you’ve hit that point where life has decided that staring at the ceiling is more important than getting refreshed for what’s to come tomorrow, consider a nice indica as an option. The chemicals found in marijuana most specifically responsible for summoning the sandman are the cannabinoid CBN and a terpene known as myrcene; they are most prevalent in these stocky, bushy cultivars.

When you head down to Ye Local Weede Shoppe, look for a strain that says Purple or Blue, Kush or Afghan, Northern Lights or any kind of Berry. These strains (and their million-and-one offshoots) will do the trick nicely and are a smart choice to have on hand in your heady nugjar.

Edibles are also a great option. Concentrates, like some nice bubble hash or some of those crazy dabs the youngsters are so wild about, will work even quicker (that single tear from coughing might not even have the chance to run all the way down your cheek before you cross the veil into Dreamland). Trust me on this, the stretch between the witching hour and the hour of the wolf is where Mary Jane and I have formed our strongest bond.

My life has been full of sleepless nights, ones of excitement and anticipation: Last day of school, last night of the summer, Christmas Eve. There were and others flooded by stimuli: Fourth of July, Halloween, a birthday party or sleepover. Eventually, there were the rough ones when something’s happened to the nation, the world, or your family: Sept. 11, JFK for my parents’ generation, the night we found out my uncle Pat had been killed in a head-on with police in pursuit. Then there were the nights in college and grad school, nights that could combine elements of all the rest, blend them with a heady, sexy, altered swirl and forever defy description. As great as seeing the sunrise can be, a few consecutive sleepless nights demands attention,

Marijuana is not specifically a sedative, so it would be disingenuous to claim that it is your best option if you feel the need to knock yourself out. That dubious distinction would certainly land upon the cornucopia of prescription contenders, the Xanaxes, Valiums and Ambiens of the world. Cannabis has some distinct advantages over these, especially for the occasional insomniac who simply needs a nudge toward a solid night’s rest. For starters, these prescription compounds come with a threat of toxicity; our bodies build a resistance to their efficacy and there is a threat of overdose. This threat does not exist with marijuana, for which there is no medically established overdose level. Other herbal options include kava kava and valerian.

Sometimes when I smoke late night, I don’t go right out, but whether it’s 2 a.m. or 2 p.m., a couple puffs always provides a nice mental vacation. The sharp edges of the day melt away, the voices of others, the ones you don’t want bouncing around your personal echo chamber, get quieted. Cannabis, as much as anything, creates a good environment for rest. Paired with a comfortable spot and some mellow music (I suggest JGB’s “Cats Under the Stars”), you’ll likely be glad for where you are as the day passes away.

Rest well this week, DGO, and be well ’til we cross paths again.

Christopher Gallagher lives with his wife and their four dogs and two horses. Life is pretty darn good.


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