Show off your plant skillz in Grow-Off competition

by Amanda Push

So you’re one of those people who doesn’t instantaneously kill a plant as soon as you lay hands on it? Congrats!

Maybe you should consider getting in on the Grow-Off, a growing competition once only open to licensed growers that now allows for you Coloradoans that likes to keep your green in the backyard, or whatever.

According to Westword, contestants are given clones all with the same genetics (kept secret to make it fun) and are giving a timeline of several months to turn that bad boy into a mean, green machine. Contestants will be judged based on potency and terpenes, aka the chemicals in the plants that give it their distinctive smell and flavor.

The competition began including home-growers once The Good Lab started testing terpenes for home-growers. Previously, the founders, Jake Browne and Samantha Taylor, the founders of Grow-Off, were unable to find a lab that would take in plants from non-licensed growers.

“We want to see the home-growing community thrive, and not just become something full of hobbyists,” Browne told Westword. “A lot of home-growers are isolated, so I’m excited to see them interact with commercial growers. When you can share those [success stories] with people who are on the fence, maybe there’s an opportunity.”

To register for Grow-Off, visit

Amanda Push


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