Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em

by DGO Staff

But don’t do so until you flip on one of these excellent weed-centric Netflix shows

Sitting around stoned (or thinking
of getting stoned) but you’re tired
of watching reruns of The Office or Eastbound and Down? Looking for some recommendations to change it up a little? Check out our list of weed-friendly show recommendations, all of which are currently streaming on Netflix.

Grass is Greener

Released in 2019, Grass is Greener is a documentary directed by Fab 5 Freddy starring Snoop Dogg. This documentary examines the United States shaky and racist history of cannabis. It does a great job of explaining the government’s war on drugs, state propaganda and linking cannabis and the music industry.

The documentary does a great job of showing the link between marijuana use by musicians from the early twentieth century like Louis Armstrong, Cab Calloway, to more modern artists like Bob Marley, Snoop Dogg, and Dr Dre. Fab 5 Freddy shows how in the early twentieth-century marijuana started to be demonized, often with racial motivation, and shows how it was often done to arrest and incarcerate African Americans. Freddy also talks about the modern movement to legalize cannabis and how oftentimes the African American community is forced out due to previous marijuana convictions and the laws that don’t allow felons or those charged with drug-related crimes to start their own legal cannabis company.

Weed The People

Weed The People is a great documentary that shows the plight of children suffering from cancer and their families who rely on medical marijuana to deal with their illness. It can often be heavy at times, but it is an eye-opening look into the obstacles many individuals and families often face when it comes to getting access to medical marijuana.

Even with research that proves medical marijuana has the potential to save lives, legislation prevents many people from getting the help they need from cannabis. This film looks past the politics and propaganda to show families exploring the benefits of medical marijuana to save the lives of their children.

Cooked with Cannabis

Cooked with Cannabis focuses on one of the best side effects from weed, the hunger that usually follows. This food based cooking show features competitors making THC infused dishes that can knock out any cravings you might have, all while competing for the chance to win $10,000.

The show is hosted by chef and can-nabis connoisseur Leather Storrs along with a panel of celebrity judges. The contestants present their THC infused dishes to the judges, and in each episode the stakes are higher than the last. If you love cooking shows and getting high, this one might be the ticket for you.

Family Business

Feeling a little more adventurous and wanting to watch something foreign? Maybe French? Family Business just might be the show you’re looking for. A down on his luck entrepreneur working at his family’s butcher shop in France learns that marijuana is about to become legalized and decides to turn the butcher shop into a marijuana cafe.

This French comedy has a great plot and the actors are funny and relatable. The writing is great and the show is filled with great bits and even greater jokes.

Trailer Park Boys

If you’re looking for a show you aren’t going to run through quickly, Trailer Park Boys has 13 seasons and 115 episodes to keep your mind occupied. Spend some time with Julian, Bubbles and Ricky’s upside-down lives and let your mind get lost in the Sunnyvale Trailer Park.

The show’s characters are constantly trying to make money, often illegally and this often leads them to jail in some hilarious scenes. And you can’t forget Bubbles’ glasses. They are perfect. The show’s dark humor and relaxed pace is perfectly blended when you just want to sit back and relax.


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