Strain review: East Coast Sour Diesel, an introvert’s chatterbox dream

by DGO Pufnstuf

Let’s talk about weed, shall we?

This week, I got my hands on some East Coast Sour Diesel, a mega-popular sativa strain that (obviously) hails from our nation’s Eastern region. It’s known to be pretty potent, pretty quick-acting, and pretty awesome. I’ve been a fan of this lemon-meets-diesel-fuel-meets-caffeine strain for a hot minute, so for review purposes, I smoked it with a partner – a casual user who tends to prefer indicas – to get his thoughts. Here’s how it went:

As far as I know, my smoking partner had never had the pleasure of smoking ECSD, or even smelling it. There was an audible gasp when I opened the canister.

“That is really pungent,” he said.

And pungent it is. The buds are fluffy, cone-shaped, bright green in color, and the strain smells a bit like a diesel truck filled with lemon-scented Pledge. While that may sound a bit noxious, we both agreed it’s a pretty pleasant smell. Somehow this strain makes gas station lemons work.

According to the folks over at Prohibition Herb, who provided this sample for our review, their East Coast Sour Diesel is a “racehorse of a sativa.” It comes from Heirloom Sativa genetics and is a long-standing favorite of their customers.

For those reasons, we decided to smoke ECSD late at night, mostly to see whether it actually is effective at improving focus and energy levels. It’s one thing to smoke a strain known for energy-boosting when you’re wide awake. It’s another to smoke it at 3 a.m. We’re very scientific around here.

Spoiler alert: It’s effective. We were very awake after one bowl.

“I can feel the back of my eyeballs,” my smoking partner said. I have a feeling that’s because he was intently focused on his phone without blinking. I was pretty darn amused.

I was even more amused when he disappeared for a few minutes to forage in the kitchen for food. He was on a (very focused) mission, and returned with a metric ton of beef sticks, cheese sticks, Cheez-its, and some sort of very icy beverage in a Yeti. As you may have guessed, this strain can cause a major case of the munchies.

He also returned quite the chatterbox, which isn’t the norm. I love smoking with introverts, because it’s cool to see how they emerge from their shells full of great ideas and stories you’d never pry from them otherwise. And that’s exactly the place this strain took him. He was happy, high, and ready to tell me all the things I never wanted to know. Perfection.

I, on the other hand, was busy digging the slight body high that comes with ECSD. It’s odd – this is a sativa in every sense of the word – but it does give me some of the sensations one would expect of a straight indica, yet there isn’t a couch-lock issue with the body high from this strain. Best of both worlds? Yes.

So, yeah. Both the novice and seasoned smoker agree that this strain is rad. 10 out of 10. Or maybe 9 out of 10 if you don’t like cheese sticks. But that’s your business.

DGO Pufnstuf


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