Strain review: Strawberry Nightmare

by Patrick Dalton

What is it?

The only reason to wake up terrified in the middle of the night is because you’ve run out of Strawberry Nightmare. At 28.2 percent THC, it’s enough to put any somnambulist worth their weight in weed into a pleasant coma. She’s a newcomer to the Colorado scene, and growers are keeping her genetics closely guarded. Given the name, and the sativa nature of the high, my guess is she’s a cross between Strawberry Cough and White Nightmare.

The effect

Moments after the first hit you’ll feel an extremely strong rush to the front of your head. Seconds after that initial donkey kick to your frontal lobe, you’ll notice your whole being is consumed in a soaring and elevating high. As I prepared for my second hit, the tiny part of my brain still functioning told me to wait. And it’s a good thing I did because one hit was good enough to light me up. The come down was pleasant and mostly indica.

The smell

Mixed berries with only a hint of strawberry.

The look

Beautiful frosty pale green small dense buds.

The taste

Very clean tasting with strawberry undertones.

The final verdict

I was shocked at how strong this strain was. It’s pricey at $25 a gram, but well worth it. This is one of those rare times you get what you pay for. You don’t need a lot to get you happily lifted, and the experience is very nice. This could be one of the best all round smokes I’ve ever had. The smell, the taste and the high are all top notch. This is an extremely rare strain, but it’s well worth the hunt.

Patrick DaltonDurango Recroom


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