The highs and lows of cannabis rules

by DGO Staff

Stoner advice that you should heed as a new (or new-ish) cannabis user

Marijuana, with its active components
like THC and CBD, has been gaining popularity in various forms and strengths, offering diverse effects on individuals. Whether you’re a first-time user or a frequent indulger, understanding the nuances of cannabis consumption is crucial for a safe and enjoyable experience. In this guide, we’ll explore some essential considerations for responsible cannabis use so you don’t end up paranoid and hiding in the bushes on the side of the Ani-mas River — not that we’d know anything about that. We have never, ever overdone it to that point. Trust us.

The intention matters
Before embarking on your cannabis journey, consider your intentions. Define the experiences you desire and those you wish to avoid. Knowing your goals can help tailor your consumption to align with the outcomes you seek.

For example, some may use marijuana to feel calm and relaxed, alleviate anxiety, or enhance social interactions — which is an excellent option. On the other hand, some may want to avoid losing control, memory problems, heightened anxiety, or negative impacts on work, school, and relationships.
What you’re using it for will have a big impact on the method you imbibe with, so be sure to figure this out before you dump a bunch of money into sativa edibles while looking to relax. That would be a not very solid option.

Watch your serving size
We’ve told this story before, but it’s a great way to illustrate how easy it is to overindulge in cannabis. One of our can-nabis writers got a call earlier this year from their parents (hello, DGO Pufnstuf!) who had decided to go a little ham and make weed brownies from the grimy cannabis that was leftover after they decarbed it and made cannabis oil from it. Because they’d (incorrectly) assumed that the cannabis was no longer very active, they dumped an entire ounce of weed
(and the residual oil) into the brownie mix.

Well, guess what happened? Those well-meaning bozos then ate a LOT of the brownies, expecting little to no effect. In fact, that person’s mom even ate all of the brownie edges because, well, “you couldn’t taste the weed!”

They ended up losing like two days to their accidental brownie stoner binge and they were OH SO unhappy with it.
Don’t be them. We’ve all overdone it to the point of getting the spins and it ain’t the very best. And your experience with weed SHOULD be the very best!

Here’s the thing. Cannabis products come in various forms, and serving sizes can differ significantly between them. Particularly with edibles, it’s essential
to check the recommended serving size and start with a smaller amount if you’re a beginner. And remember that edibles can take up to four hours to reach their full effect. Don’t assume because you’re not high after 10 whole minutes that you should take another edible or six. Wait it out and see.

Oh, and be sure to look for clear labeling indicating the type of marijuana and the potency of THC, and always calculate doses carefully to avoid overconsumption.

Go slow, bro!
If you’re new to marijuana, take it slow and begin with products containing lower THC levels. Gradually gauge how it affects you before increasing your consumption. Tolerance to THC can build up over time, leading to the need for larger doses, which may result in dependence. By starting low and going slow, you can minimize potential risks and enjoy the benefits of cannabis more responsibly. Here are the general potency levels you can expect from the different types of cannabis products:
Flower: 10% to 30%
Edibles: The average is from 5 to 10 mg (per serving), but you also have the option to microdose these days concentrates: 60% to 90%

Don’t get risky with it
For safety’s sake, avoid engaging in high-risk activities such as driving, skiing, or swimming for several hours after consuming marijuana. The timeframe may vary depending on your tolerance and the type of product used. Following the recommended waiting periods can help ensure your well-being and that of others around you.

Frequency also matters
Frequent use of marijuana can lead to tolerance issues — which are never fun. And if you aren’t getting high off your normal supply, you also run the risk of overdoing it by taking too much in one sitting.

To mitigate these effects, consider reducing your consumption from time to time. Yes, it’s not that fun to take a tolerance break, but it’ll help if you’re at the point of no longer feeling the effects of the weed.

Store your weed safely
Keep marijuana products in their original packaging and store them in secure areas, away from pets and children. In case of accidental consumption by pets or young ones, seek immediate medical attention to ensure their safety.

Keep your stoner circle close
Using cannabis with people you trust can create a positive and comfortable environment. Nobody wants the annoying guy from the party in the peace pipe circle, right? You should feel free to be yourself and let the effects of the cannabis call the shots for a while.

And if you’re indulging with a new group of ganja lovers, don’t feel pressured to consume more than you’re comfortable with; learn to say no. Setting boundaries and respecting your limits are crucial elements of responsible use.

Avoid mixing substances
We’re going to point out again here that getting the spins from weed use is no fun, and it’s more likely to happen if you’re mixing weed with booze (or weed with some other substance, silly). That’s because mixing marijuana with other substances can have unpredictable and adverse effects. Play it safe by only using one substance at a time, and be aware of any potential interactions between medications and cannabis. You don’t want to play with fire on this one. You really, really don’t.


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