Weed review: Wana 510 Vape Cartridges

by Sir Blaze Ridcully

Ever felt mile-high meta enough to get into some yoga poses while simultaneously laughing so hard you face plant during an attempt to perform a high lunge? No? Well, you clearly haven’t used anything from Wana’s new line of flavored 510 vape cartridges.

This Boulder-based cannabis company hasn’t just made a name for itself in the edible world. They’re also on the front lines of offering badass, easy-to-use vapes that taste delicious but are discreet – as in, these are perfect if you’re at a stressful family reunion and just need to hide in the bathroom and get a little stoned because you can’t handle one more distasteful question or unnecessary political dig. So you dig out your handy-dandy little Wana vape pen, inhale a few times, attempt to smother your hoarse coughs and go about your day.

These soul-savers are not only made with love but with CO2 distillate for the maximum amount of potency. Better yet, they were created with a blend of organic, botanically derived terpenes and au natural ingredients.

If you’re a regular vape user, you probably know the frustration that mounts when you sit on your couch for a few puffs but end up with a total battery failure or oil that overheats or clogs. Thankfully, Wana is on top of these issues, and spent a year researching and developing this vape line to get around those pesky problems. These puppies were customized to reach optimal temperature and battery life.

This line is available all over Colorado, but Wana hopes to offer it in other states within the next year.

Other flavors include Indica Grapefruit and Rose Gold CBD/THC 1:1 and the non-flavored line of vapes – Indica Kush, Hybrid Haze, Sativa Diesel, and Balance CBD/THC 1:1.

So you know what we thought of the vape pens, but what did we think of these 510 cartridges, you ask? Well, let’s get to it.

Hybrid BerryWana promises this cartridge offers “creative and uplifting effects,” and man, did they deliver.

Not only was this cartridge a delicious amalgam of berry flavor, but it provided one of the most relaxing head highs I’ve had in a hot minute. The flavor was sweet but not overpowering.

My brain was sitting in a pool of tranquility. It was so peaceful, in fact, that I decided it was a good time to enter into a space of even more unity with the universe and dust off the old yoga mat. This may have been a good idea in theory, but as someone who lacks the coordination to walk up the stairs while sober without tripping, it was not a good idea. I was committed to the zen train, though, and there was no getting off.

This could have gone well had I not been listening to a comedy podcast about weird crimes. While I was in the middle of doing a high lunge, one of the hosts decided to do an impression of an arresting officer at the scene of a castration saying that he should have been arrested for weenie whacks, but was instead arrested for practicing medicine without a license. I face-planted from laughing so hard.

No more weed and yoga for me.

Sativa LemonSocial gatherings are, in a word, stressful, so thank Zuul that humans discovered weed to make obligatory outings tolerable. I say this because I recently attended a friend’s barbecue where I knew exactly one and a half people. There was no way I was going to get through this sober, so I made sure to slip my Sativa Lemon Wana 510 cartridge into my pocket.

This cartridge was packed with great flavor. I’m a big fan of lemon as is, and this refreshingly subtle zest hit the spot. I was hit with a pleasant head high that carried into a game of foosball and several plates of chips and queso while watching someone bake a zucchini in an oven.

Like the Hybrid Berry, Sativa Lemon was alllllll head high, which was perfect, as I still needed to be able to move around and do things like pick up more chips. All in a days work.

Sir Blaze Ridcully


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