Strain review: Cosmic Railway from The Green House Durango

by DGO Pufnstuf

When it comes to smoking weed, my body responds in one of two ways: either my head is cleared of the spiderwebs and I’m a productivity machine or I am a zombie, arms raised as I try to navigate my way to the couch with armloads of brains … err … chips.

Rarely do I come across a strain that does both simultaneously, but that’s precisely what happened this week when I lit up a bowl of Cosmic Railway. The Green House in Durango asked us to review that strain for this issue, and while we’ve sung its praises before, this most recent dance with Cosmic Railway reiterated our love for this strain.

Before we get into that, though, let’s talk about Cosmic Railway. This strain is pretty darn popular, and you may have even smoked it once or twice already. It’s a cross between Stardawg and Ghost Train Haze, and what’s unusual about it is that it somehow takes the best of both worlds (the sativa and indica worlds, obviously) and smashes them together to make one badass — strain.

In other words, Cosmic Railway not only clears heads of spiderwebs, but also gives you a jolt to the productivity center of your brain to make you a smart, stoned superhero.

This particular batch of Cosmic Railway was from The Green House’s Pagosa Springs grow, and it clocks in at about 29.8% THC. I thought this strain was super smelly last time I smoked it, and this time was no different. When I opened the container, I found small, dense nugs that stank to high hell. You can’t even open the container of Cosmic Railway without alerting every pothead in a mile radius to it.

But while the strain stinks to high hell in the container, it surprisingly doesn’t taste like it smells. It has a green, earthy flavor — which is not the heavy skunky smell the nugs led me to believe. I’m not knocking it, though. I’d rather smoke a grassy strain than a rotten skunk, which is what these little nugs smell like.

What isn’t surprising is that the effects of this strain are just as prominent and forward-facing as the stench. This strain’s effects kicked in super quickly the last time I smoked it, and this time was no different. Right after the bowl was cashed, I felt the high wash over me. It wasn’t a heavy high, though — it was just apparent. I first noticed that my brain felt clear and focused, like the cobwebs had been wiped away with an industrial-sized duster. I could finally think of words I wanted to write after months of writer’s block. (I promptly forgot them, but still … if I’d been smart enough to write them down, this review would have been awesome.)

Shortly after, I began to feel a vibrant, focused high roll in. It wasn’t a jolt of energy like I’d get with some sativas, though. It was more streamlined and mellow than that amped-up, overwhelming burst of energy I would have expected. It’s tough to explain. The best way to describe it is that I could think without having a million distractions pulling me in all directions. That’s unusual for a brain like mine.

I also found myself able to multitask, which is highly unusual for me. I am the type of person you can tap on the shoulder while working and have an entire conversation with — but while you remember what was said, I will have no clue. I cannot do two things at once. But after a bowl of Cosmic Railway, I was a frigging multitasking machine. I could have a conversation, search the web for open bars with to-go drinks, and text back in a group chat — ALL AT ONCE.

If I try that while sober, I either completely tune out one of the tasks or just fail miserably at all of them. I am no bueno when it comes to multitasking.

I was also way more chatty than I’d normally be. Despite the stupidity I express in these reviews, I’m actually super shy and introverted, so I hate having conversations or making small talk. With a bowl of Cosmic Railway, that fear of human interaction was gone. I was totally down to FaceTime and talk about nonsense. Not too shabby!

I was equally as happy with this strain the first time as I was the second go-round. There aren’t many strains that can help me correctly channel my energy without causing anxiety or hyper-focusing, but this one always does. I stand by my initial thoughts that this strain is a perfect antidote to the introverted personality I possess.

If you also hate human interaction, you’ll really benefit from a bowl or six of this Cosmic Railway strain. It’s a great way to drag yourself out of that awkward, closed-off feeling you get when in large groups of people. You might even start a conversation with a stranger or two! Who knows!

I know you won’t be around large groups of people in the near future, but at some point this will all go back to normal and you’ll want to socialize. And when you do, this strain will definitely be handy.

DGO Pufnstuf


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