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Owners of Colorado’s Illegal Burger (finally) starting cannabis food truck

There’s a lot of amazing foods that pair well with weed and Colorado’s own Illegal Burger is set to bring those such couplings even closer together.

West Coast Ventures Group Corp. – the parent company of the Denver area restaurants – is partnering with North American Cannabis Holdings to present to you AmeriCanna Cafe...

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Willie Nelson is bringing us the cannabis-infused coffee we probably don’t deserve

Willie Nelson is bringing peace on earth via coffee and hemp – aka humanity’s recipe for staying barely sane.

Nelson – known for his prowess in the music and cannabis industry – is now offering a line of CBD-infused coffee beans called Willie’s Remedy Small Batch Columbian Whole Bean Coffee. According to his website,...

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Colorado’s CannAmerica Brands CEO one of High Times’ most influential leaders in cannabis

CannAmerica Brands CEO Dan Anglin, a man who dedicated the last 10 years to helping veterans access cannabis, was among High Times’ List of the 100 Most Influential People in the Cannabis Industry.

Anglin, a U.S. Marine veteran who served in Desert Shield and Desert Storm, is the creator of CannAmerica Brands and has...

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Strain review: Special Ops Pho Wax

I’ve had a few crappy days at work recently, and they’ve led to headaches that feel like a herd of elephants with all the pack members stomping around in my brain. In other words, it’s been heinous. Nothing helps. Not more water, not sugar, not caffeine, and not even leaving the office.

Nothing but Special Ops Pho Wax,...

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Strain review: Lavender Jones

Have you ever been so stoned that food – normal, mundane food – tastes like nectar from the gods? I know you have, and I know you know how awesome that feeling is.

That is precisely what happened to me after smoking some Lavender Jones, a hybrid strain I picked up from Chronic Therapy in Cortez. The buds were thick and...

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Strain review: Northstar

So, I smoked my dad out a few days ago. He was in town for a visit and is a product of the weed heyday back in the ’60s and ’70s, when weed was about 4 percent THC and a nickel bag was the size of a freaking ounce. Yes, I’m sure they also walked to school barefoot in the snow with those fat sacks of weed in their pockets....

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Denver’s got a new social pot club that’s opening soon

There’s a new business that’s opening in Denver that will allow for social pot use – the second in the Mile High City – centered around the idea that there are better places to smoke other than your living room.

Vape and Play will open Feb. 18 on Denver’s “Green Mile.” Here, you won’t be able to buy marijuana but...

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Meet Bello – a bougie new vape system for getting stoned at fancy social events

Designed Technology has come out with a new way to help you smoke away your social anxiety about going to your college roommate’s wedding, or any fancy social event where your presence is required, really.

Introducing Bello – a new way to share the vaping experience with the people at your table. This bougie vape system...

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Police search Iowa mayor’s house for attempted murder suspect, find weed instead

Iowa sheriff’s deputies may not have found the attempted murder suspect they were looking for when they dropped by Jamaica, Iowa Mayor LaDonna Kennedy’s house, but they did manage to find a whole lotta green. That is arguably a much better deal.

According to the Des Moines Register, Kennedy, mayor of the town of 217...

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Edible review: Mint Kudu Kookies are the adult’s stoner version of Girl Scout cookies

The first time I caught glimpse of Mint Kudu Kookies at Durango Organics, I quietly prayed that they would be as delicious as the Girl Scouts’ Thin Mint cookies. I am happy to report back that I was not disappointed. These delightful snacks by BlueKudu out of Denver are absofreakinglutely the adult version of Thin...

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Edibles review: Ceria Brewing Co.’s Grainwave Belgian-style White Ale, a THC-infused beer

Look what we managed to get our sticky pothead hands on: Ceria Brewing Co’s Grainwave Belgian-style White Ale, a THC-infused cannabis beer that was crafted by sir Keith Villa, the former brewmaster of Blue Moon. If you’ve been living under a rock, you may have missed that Villa left his post with MillerCoors earlier this year...

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CBD-infused Bob Marley-branded drinks to hit Colorado shelves in the spring

If there’s ever been a name that belongs on a cannabis-infused drink, it’s Bob Marley.

Luckily for us Marley fans, some new beverages debuted this week at the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco (how can we get invited to this, btw?) that are infused with 25 milligrams of cannabidiol (CBD) and come in three flavors:...

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