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Strain review: Iron Triangle and Sylvie’s Choice

You know what’s better than reviewing one strain of weed from our friends at Pagosa Therapeutics? Reviewing two strains, which we’re obviously doing this week or I wouldn’t be mentioning it.

If you ever read these reviews, you’re likely aware that Pagosa’s strains kick our asses up and down the block every single time...

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Wrap your stoner brain around Joyful Nook’s marijuana leaf-shaped puzzles

Real talk: we’re all complete and utter idiots when we’re stoned. Still, just because you’re laughing like a hyena doesn’t mean you are lacking enough brain cells to put together a sweet marijuana leaf-shaped puzzle (which, to be fair, we should probably leave for when we’re sober).

For all you weed lovers out there,...

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Strain review: Madness Mix wax from Dabble Extracts

I learned a lesson this week: Sometimes it’s a good idea to roll the dice and let the experts call the shots ... especially when it comes to the products from Dabble Extracts.

If you aren’t familiar with the name Dabble Extracts, it’s probably because these extracts are new to Prohibition. In fact, they’d just been put...

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Edibles review: Caregivers for Life Artisan Cake Balls

I never want to be stoned again.

OK ... that’s not true ... but I might need a solid break because over the weekend I ingested some Caregivers For Life Artisan Cake Balls and I think I may have died, experienced the afterlife, and then came back. That’s the only theory that makes sense ... at the moment,...

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Happy World Autism Day! Medical marijuana officially approved for those with autism

If you or your loved ones has been diagnosed with autism and you live in Colorado, medical marijuana is now a feasible treatment option for you.

On April 2, World Autism Day, Governor Jared Polis signed House Bill 1028, officially adding autism spectrum disorder to the list of conditions that can be treated with medical...

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Lawmakers burn out hope for legal recreational weed in Montana

Sorry, all you stoners in Montana. Your elected officials have killed a bill that would have legalized recreational pot use in your state.

According to the Great Falls Tribune, the House Taxation Committee gave a thumbs down (12-6) last week to House Bill 770.

Those opposed cited increased traffic deaths and...

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Those addicted to opioids in New Mexico could get treatment via medical marijuana

Cannabis advocates in New Mexico are saying “no” to opioids and “yes” to making medical marijuana available to those struggling with addiction.

New Mexico’s Medical Cannabis Advisory Board voted in favor Friday (4-0) to support adding medical marijuana to the disorder’s treatment options, according to the Associated...

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Green(er) grass: How Durango Cannabis Company is turning the industry more earth friendly

Durango Cannabis Company’s water bill comes out to an average of $38 a month – approximately the amount of what it costs to live in a two-bedroom apartment.

This number is especially impressive when compared to an average monthly aqua statement of a grow operation, which can exceed more than $1,000 a month, according...

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Oh Hi: Say ‘hello’ to a new Colorado THC-infused sparking seltzer

Let’s face it: given southwest Colorado’s penchant for La Croix, it was inevitable that cannabis companies were gonna get in on the sparkling water game. So, unsurprisingly, a couple of Durangatangs have developed a sparkling water that’ll get you stoned.

In a meeting of the minds between Durango Organics owners Jonny...

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Sponsored Content: SweetC02 strives to bring customers pure concentrates and vegan-friendly salves

When Sweet C02 owner Forrest Jones first got into cannabis, he wasn’t in the business of extracting oil from bud. He was in the business on the gardening side as owner of DHL Garden Supply in Bodo Park, a garden supply store that sold cannabis growing equipment to the folks interested in cultivating their own...

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Strain review: Ascend CBD Diamonds

There’s nothing quite like a solid dose of CBD to put some pep in your step, but as I sit here going over my notes to write this review, I still feel like I was knocked straight onto my ass due to the CBD Diamonds I vaped last night.

Let me explain.

This week, we tried Ascend’s CBD Diamonds, a high CBD extract,...

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Strain review: Lemon Train

Please allow me to come clean about something, friends. Despite how much weed I smoke for these reviews, there are times when I can’t tell what the hell a strain is. Is it an indica-leaning hybrid? A 50/50? Why can I not feel my nose? Why do people think this smells like feet? You know ... those types of things. That is not...

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