Savage Love

A syndicated sex-advice column by Dan Savage

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Everything you wanted to know about sex (that fit on a note card)

Nancy, the tech-savvy at-risk youth, two gimps, Christ on the...

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Sexsomnia: Another thing you didn’t know is real

I’m a 31-year-old gay male. I’ve been with...

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Threesomes, moresomes, and when to tell someone to leave

I’m a queer girl living with a male partner. This...

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She wants me in control but isn’t up for anything

I’ve read your column for as long as I had access...

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This domme is too overwhelming. Is it her, not them?

I’m a woman in my late 40s. In my early 20s, I...

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He lied about his HIV status – should he get another chance?

Gay guy here. Met a guy online. He came over. We had...

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Another load of a live audience’s rapid-fire quickies

I recently spoke at Curious Minds Weekend in Toronto at the Hot...

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Is conservative Islam incompatible with kink?

I went to Dark Odyssey Winter Fire, the big kink hotel...