Savage Love

A syndicated sex-advice column by Dan Savage

Ar 170309998

Oh man, I’ve come upon some real issues

Fortyish, straight, white dude here. I have this weird...

Ar 170229978

I realized her fantasy talk is teasing me crazy

I am a straight married man. My wife and I have a...

Ar 170219803

If you have to take one for the team, find a new team

I’ve been reading your advice column in the Coast...

Ar 170209703

Delving into a sack of short but pointed questions

Last week, I spoke at the Wilbur Theater in Boston and the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in...

Ar 170209981

I want her to cheat on me again – with me there. But how?

I am a 26-year-old heterosexual European man. I have been...

Ar 170129714

Your selfies are my self-pleasure – do I need permission?

I am quite the follower on social media – Facebook...

Ar 170119647

What’s that you say? Sex in the ear? Come again?

About a year ago, I was pretending to read my...

Ar 170119993

This column is all about gays? Savage begs to differ

I recently stopped reading your advice column due to its...