As needed in Durango: Drive-in movies

by Anya Jaremko-Greenwold

A drive-in movie – what could be better on a warm summer evening? Most of us can’t afford an excess of costly movie tickets, but the drive-ins are usually cheaper because of “double” features; you pay the same price you might normally shell out for a regular ticket, but stay for back-to-back films. We all love a good binge/marathon session. Plus you can bring a comfy folding chair and a blanket, get cozy and look at the stars. All the comforts of home, except the screen is enormous.

Most people attend films with friends or partners, but theaters aren’t exactly conducive to socializing. Whispering to your buddy in the seat next to you isn’t illegal, but it’s severely frowned upon. You’ll get shhhs or passive-aggressive head-turns. And texting is an absolute no-no, if you possess any sense of human decency. But at the drive-in, you can text to your little heart’s content. You can show up with family and friends and talk as loudly as you want in your car. It’s a much more sociable experience. You can even bring a picnic basket and share a delectable meal for about 1/14th of the price of movie theater popcorn. You can drink booze and smoke (but maybe don’t broadcast that). You can bring your dog. And if you’re too lazy to pack your own grub, there’s always the concession stand.

A lot of people take dates to the theater – but it’s not a great place to get frisky, especially on Friday or Saturday night when the movies are crowded. Drive-ins, though, allow for a lot more cuddling and conversation. You can get intimate. You can even make out. Sure, voyeurs might take a peek as they walk past your car, but screw ’em. (Just kidding. Be considerate. There could be children there).

Speaking of children: They’re often the worst part about the movies. Kids are constantly asking questions (“Who is that, Mommy? Where’s he going? Why did he say that? I have to go potty.”) They kick the back of your chair (like many adults). But at the drive-ins, kids have plenty of room to run around when they get bored. They can even chit-chat. And should they get all tuckered out, you can put them to sleep in the backseat and begin enjoying your newfound, childless freedom.

— Anya Jaremko-GreenwoldDGO Staff Writer


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