Durango street style: Atomic colors and year-round skeleton onesies

by Patty Templeton

If you hear a sprightly laugh and catch a glimpse of a skeleton onesie, chances are you’ve bumped into content fulfillment agent Chelsea Kemp. She’s the prettiest woman in plaid in all of Durango and is so fulla pep that you aren’t going to make it through a conversation without a laugh yourself. Yes, we have a crush on her. Yes, you will, too.

DGO spoke to Kemp about her goth-meets-give-no-f*cks-outdoor style.

“My skeleton onesie is the best thing I’ve purchased in my life. It’s hoodie material from your neck down to your ankles, and it has a hood. Basically, every day I get home and put it on and I feel safe in it. (Laughs) It’s amazing. Everyone in my family is legit jealous. They’re like, ‘Where the hell did you get that?’

I got it for Halloween, obviously, but for me, everyday is Halloween. I would love to wear it out all the time. For the entire month of October I wore it to the grocery store, downtown, I went to get drinks in it. Jamie, my girlfriend, was like, ‘You understand that after Halloween you can’t wear this out, right?’ I’m like, ‘Well, Snowdown is coming up!’ It’s a Black Tie Affair. I’m going to wear my onesie with a nice hat.

Outside of the onesie, I’m going for dirtbag chic. Very Durango. I love plaid. Anything comfortable. The standard of beauty here is incredible because even just 50 miles away in Farmington, where I grew up, the standard of beauty is terrible: It’s uncomfortable; there’s lot of bedazzling; you have to wear a lot of makeup and your hair has to have a lot of stuff in it; it requires time and effort that don’t necessarily make you look better. Here, you look beautiful if your dirty bun is a certain way, your clothes are mostly clean, and your footwear is good for hiking, winter, and has good traction.

People I know say, ‘That only looks good on you.’ I like to have loud colors, like burnt mustard with orange and yellow and black and gray – weird combinations that kind of glow off each other and hurt your eyes. People are always like, ‘That’s a Chelsea color.’ I have clothes that I haven’t even worn in two years but I can’t give away because it is a shade of burnt orange that is just so hard to find. (Laughs)”

Interview edited and condensed for clarity.Got rad style or know someone who always looks fab? Send DGO a heads-up on who to interview next at [email protected].Patty Templeton


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