Trends and trend-setters in Durango dining.

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Hello, my name is Taylor and I'll be taking care of you

I grew up cold in smalltown Gunnison at the Roaring Judy Fish Hatchery. Like many others, my...

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Durango’s brightest food truck

You’ve probably seen a bright red truck parked downtown at 11th and Main, bearing the...

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Here’s what’s new at Durango Brewing Co.

It’s back – the lone soldier brewery on the north side of town. Durango Brewing...

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Get Smart about what baristas really think

Editor’s note: We don’t make a habit of using anonymous sources in DGO, but...

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Durango Farmer’s Market: What you’ll find

We spoke to Cody Reinheimer, Market Manager at the Durango Farmer’s Market, about what...

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Time for Taste of Durango

You don’t have to live in Durango long to realize that we love our food. And drinks....

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Apparently this is a thing: Cat cafés

Don’t get carried away: you can’t eat the cats. But you can play with them....

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