Go to university for pot, not pottery

by Amanda Push

For those of you still teetering on the fence of what you’d like to do with your life, if going back to school is an option for you, well, now there’s weed university. Well…to be more exact there’s Cannabis Training University.

According to Westword, the school’s training is now offered at two and four-year universities across the United States. The expansion of the program is due to the quickly growing cannabis industry.

“We saw there was going to be a need in education in colleges where the cannabis-industry education can also be included,” CTU CEO Jeff Zorn said to Westword. “Students sign up because they usually want to be involved in the industry after college, whether it’s to be an assistant grower or start their own business in areas like CBD or edibles.”

If you do find yourself signing up for CTU classes, you can take six classes all geared toward the green (that’s cannabis for those of you who didn’t get it). You’ll learn about the industry from a holistic standpoint, from opening a dispensary to growing your own plants. Once you pass, you will be officially certified in various parts of the industry.

Zorn started CTU ten years ago after he suffered a traumatic brain injury. He began using medical marijuana to help him cope and decided he wanted to be part of the education aspect of the cannabis industry. CTU has enrolled 30,000 students, Zorn told Westword.

“We have a lot of people interested, whether it’s students wanting to be in the industry, people interested for their own personal reasons, or health-care professionals looking for further knowledge,” Zorn said. “Our job is to just put everything together for students and have colleges offer it for them.”

Amanda Push


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