Strain review: Legend of ’91

by DGO Pufnstuf

What do you get when you cross OG Kush with Chem ’91? A badass strain called Legend of ’91, which – surprise!! – we’re reviewing for you this week. You probably had no idea from the headline.

This strain, an indica with about 20.03 percent THC, is one of the new premium strains from Prohibition Herb, which means it was babied from tiny plant bud to huge actual weed buds and it comes in that fancy ass glass jar we’ve been raving about for the last few weeks. (Side note: If you haven’t checked out their other premium strains, you’re not doing yourself a solid. Everyone we’ve shared ours with has begged for more afterward. Freaking fiends, man.)

One of the things I’ve loved about this line is how beautiful the buds of each strain are. You can really see the nuances of each strain – fat buds; tight, compact buds; purple hairs, deep greens. It’s so cool. And in this case, the buds were chunky and covered with orange hairs. You could smell this strain through the glass jar, too. Legend of ’91 is pretty darn dank, and smells like a mix of mint, herbs, and somehow the color green. I know green shouldn’t be used to describe a smell, but in this case, I’m going for it. Caution is officially in the wind.

I didn’t have to smoke very much of this strain – a bowl between a friend and me did the job just fine – to feel the effects. Seems like it was just a few minutes after the first couple of hits that things were amping up with a distracted, psychedelic high, one that kept convincing my friend they were seeing things move.

And by things I mean paintings and the screensaver photos that were flashing across the TV while we sat on the couch and talked. Every few minutes, the conversation would be interrupted with a fascinated exclamation of, “Tell me you saw that move! It moved!” But, unfortunately for my friend, I had NOT seen whatever it was move, so I’d dissolve into fits of laughter while they sat there puzzled and slightly amused.

I love it when a strain affects two people totally differently, because that’s the reality of using cannabis. My experience won’t be your experience, and theirs won’t be mine. It’s a good reminder that things like tolerance and genetics come into play in this equation, which is easy to forget when you’re on the other end of a computer trying to explain YOUR experience to an audience.

Anyway, I digress. My friend, who’s a pretty regular smoker, continued to see things in trippy ass ways for the next hour or so while I was at their house. It wasn’t a scary thing, mind you, but it was a pretty obvious mind screw. I wish I’d been along for that ride.

My experience, on the other hand, was just a good, chill ass high. I laughed when I felt like it – i.e., when my friend was going on about rolling dust bunnies in the corners of the apartment – and I was chill the rest of the time. I didn’t feel out of control or tripped out. I just felt content, though I was all over the place if I tried to concentrate too hard on what I was saying.

And, if it weren’t enough to have two different psychedelic experiences, we also had two different endings to the night. My friend passed out hard after I left thanks to the indica properties of this strain, and I went home, wide awake, and watched like 36 hours of “Slobby’s World.” (Obligatory pro tip: If you haven’t binge-watched this fool on Netflix, do it. I won’t ruin it for you, but just trust.)

Weed is fascinating, man – especially this strain. If you’re looking for a ride, this one is it. Legend of ’91 is definitely, completely it.

DGO Pufnstuf


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