Strain review: Sundae Driver from Prohibition Herb

by DGO Pufnstuf

This always happens. There’s always that one strain out of 20 that I review and it makes me feel like I can answer anything – like I’m the dude from “Limitless” before life comes crashing down and I realize I’m actually an idiot.

Well, friends, as you may have guessed, the most recent strain to make me feel like a nerdy superhero is Sundae Driver, a brand spankin’ new one from Prohibition Herb. I did not expect to feel smart from Sundae Driver – I actually expected to eat a lot and then pass out – but it turns out that Sundae, my new bae, is a trickster, and she had a lot more than that up her sleeve.

Before we get into that, though, let’s talk about my new weed girlfriend a little more. She’s a pretty one; so pretty, in fact, that I was honestly blown away by the beautiful threads of colors I saw when I dumped the nugs out on my table. There were flecks of deep purple and bright orange woven through the thicc nugs, and it was all I could do to take a couple photos before greedily shoving a couple in a pipe. I wanted to get my hands on this one so bad, all based on looks alone.

Little did I know, though, that Sundae had way more in store than her fine ass looks. She also had a wild ass personality, one that took me on a brain ride to Nerdsville, party of one. That may be because this strain, while gorgeous, is also a perfect split between an indica and a sativa, making her ideal for someone who wants the best of both worlds. And I do. I really do.

I lit up a bowl alone (I didn’t offer to share this beaut because I’m selfish like that; three’s a crowd or something) and smoked it on a random Sunday night. I’d been running errands and doing dumb chore stuff all day, and I figured a bowl of Sundae Driver would be a great way to get myself out of productivity mode. I was right, sort of.

First hit I noticed a sweet, slightly herbal taste. Second hit, I noticed the effects. My brain didn’t get foggy; it got WILD, y’all. I was thinking up a storm, taking notes left and right while trying to maneuver my fingers over the keyboard. My head wanted to go at 1,000 mph. My body? Not so much.

I’ll spare you the pain of the entire iPhone note diatribe I wrote but I will you this: I felt extremely smart after smoking Sundae Driver, like I could answer all of the questions I’ve ever had, and you’ve ever had, and they’ve ever had. I kept feeling like I had these crazy epiphanies that I now know, based on my notes, were not epiphanies but just normal ass thoughts that FELT really smart instead.

Oh, and I also convinced myself I was psychic. I know this because I wrote in my notes, and I quote, “It’s like I’m psychic cause I know what’s going to happen.”

Do I know what that means? Hell no. All I know is that it was completely due to the Sundae Driver I smoked. So if you want a strain that will make you feel like you’ve hacked your brain and are now the smartest person alive, you should get your hands on this beauty. I felt awake, alive, and like my brain was more than just static for once. And that, my friends, is a feat all in itself.

Add in the fact that this strain is one of the prettiest I’ve seen and you’ve got yourself a real weed winner. Am I surprised that Prohibition pulled it off? Nah. I am surprised they had any Sundae Driver left by the time I got there, though. This stuff is freaking killer.

DGO Pufnstuf


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