Strain review: Blue Dream from The Green House Durango

by DGO Pufnstuf

Ahh, good ol’ Blue Dream — the beloved strain of stoners everywhere. We love this blueberry-smellin’, fruity-tastin’ bud, and because we’re the luckiest weed fanatics of all time, we get to review this strain this week for The Green House Durango.

You may be familiar with Blue Dream. After all, this strain is basically the Holy Grail of West Coast weed strains — or one of them, anyway. People love it because of its chill effects that lift your mood and make you feel, well, freaking happy and high.

But, just in case you aren’t familiar with this strain, let’s spend some time getting you up to speed. Here’s the deal. Blue dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain from California, and it was created by crossing the indica strain known as Blueberry with the sativa strain Haze. It’s basically the best of both worlds: it pulls from the sativa and indica effects to create a balance that isn’t quite like anything else you’ve tried.

We’ve been fans of this strain for a long-ass time, so I was pretty stoked to hear that’s what we’d be reviewing this week for The Green House. I’ve been a moody-ass pot writer the last couple of weeks — I think the months-long social distancing is finally getting to me — so I was in real need of a pick-me-up. And Blue Dream is KILLER when it comes to pick-me-ups.

So anyway, I picked up a gram of Blue Dream on a Sunday afternoon, and before I’d even gotten back to the car, I’d popped the lid off because I wanted to stick my nose so far into it. I love the smell of this stuff. It’s fruity, rarely has a hint of skunky stench to it, and the smell alone makes me happy.

And, as expected, when I stuck my nose into the canister, all I could smell was blueberry goodness. This strain is nothing if not full of blueberry goodness. It smells like summer and freedom and basically anything but being locked indoors for weeks on end.

You will not be surprised to hear, given my mood, that I was quick to light it up when I got home shortly thereafter. And, one huge hit of that candy-flavored bud later and I was anything but the freaking sourpuss I’d been going into this.

I was high before I’d taken a second hit. It was such a nice feeling, that Cheshire Cat smile splayed across my face involuntarily, and it wasn’t long before I felt myself get super chatty, too.

Only problem is that I didn’t have anyone to chat with. I’ve been trying not to break the COVID rules, so I’ve been getting high by myself a LOT rather than smoking with Blaze or one of the other pot writers. So I opted to spam friends with gifs instead.

I spent a while doing that — and just catching up with all the people I’ve been avoiding due to my COVID-induced antisocial behaviors — and while I was definitely high and chatty, I was still in complete control of my faculties. It was like someone had switched the happy button to on and I could finally tuck away that cloudy mood that had been hanging over me for so long.

Damn, I love this stuff. Blue Dream is the perfect mix of sativa and indica for me. I can smoke it during the day and feel uplifted and renewed, not knocked into next year.

If you’ve been struggling with those “the world is caving in and everything sucks and I have no social life” blues, I genuinely suggest a little Blue Dream to help fix things up. It won’t stop the political shitshow or the mask debates, but it will make things more tolerable and allow you to crawl out of your shell for a bit. And for me, that’s magic.

DGO Pufnstuf


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