Strain review: Jedi Cherry Diesel Live Sugar

by DGO Pufnstuf

What’s better than regular ol’ Jedi Sun and Cherry Diesel flower? Well, nothing really, but what’s different and just as great as those two strains? Uh, Jedi Cherry Diesel Live Sugar from Harmony Extracts, that’s what. That live sugar is what we’re reviewing this week for Prohibition Herb, and let me tell you fools, this little jar of sugar is pure gold.

In case you didn’t catch it above, this stuff is made from two of Prohibition’s premium strains – Jedi Sun and Cherry Diesel. The two strains go through an extraction process and are turned into thousands of delicious, tiny THC-A crystals and syrupy terpenes.

I dipped into this jar on a Friday night with a friend in the midst of the snowpocalypse, and it was a very good choice. We decided to test it out with a regular ol’ vape pen because it’s easy, and the snow had made us particularly lazy that day. We’re talking watching “Deadpool 2” lazy because neither of us cared to find the remote.

This live sugar is a potent concoction, from the aroma to the THC content – this particular batch contains 87.79 percent THC – so all it took was a minute amount to kick both of us dead in our asses.

I only took a handful of hits, but nevertheless, I morphed into a stoned cleaning machine. I’d been dreading the task of tackling a massive pile of laundry that was sitting on top of my dryer (even though I was down to the reject clothes in my closet), but holy hell, did I tackle those jeans. I was like a laundry whiz, whirring around while my eyes were still somehow glued to “Deadpool.”

I then proceeded to dig out the vacuum to tackle those annoying tumbleweeds of dog hair that live in the corners of every room, and I even wiped down the leather couch for the first time in like a solid six months. My living room has never been cleaner.

But before you turn your nose up at this cleanliness-inducing live sugar, you should know that it was hardly all work and no play because that makes Jack and DGO Pufnstuf a dull boy. After I’d exhausted the work I could do with the vacuum, I sat back on my clean couch and let the dreamy high from the Jedi Sun properties in the sugar take over.

Don’t believe me? Here are some notes as proof.

1. My eyes feel fluffy. (Don’t know but I dig it.)

2. My last name is spelled so weirdly. It’s said even weirder. (And it is! Stoned, motivated me was correct.)

3. Oh man. I just got real stoned, like it hit me in the face.

I also felt it necessary to note one last thing:

4. I love Cher.

Listen. It’s OK to like Cher and it’s OK to clean like a maniac every once in a while. But, if you’re for some reason staunchly anti-Cher, just make sure you don’t flip on “Deadpool” or its badass soundtrack and you should be solid. The Jedi Cherry Diesel live sugar will make sure of it.

DGO Pufnstuf


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