Strain review: Sueno, the perfect combo of Blue Dream and Sour Diesel

by DGO Pufnstuf

A brand new little strain called Sueno is slated to hit the shelves at Prohibition Herb the day that this magazine drops on yo’ shelves (October 25, fools), and we got our hands on it well in advance to let you know our thoughts. We are lucky, lucky jerks.

You may or may not know much about Sueno, so lemme school you real quick-like on the ins and outs of this strain. This strain is a hybrid created by crossing Blue Dream – one of the finest, classiest strains out there – and Sour Diesel, another one of them fine, fine strains. The result is a strain that contains 22.21 percent THC, so… a lot… and right now, it’s available only on the recreational side of Prohibition.

I grabbed this beaut from the dispensary on a random weeknight, and the first thing I noticed when I popped off the lid was how gatdang fantastic it smelled. Like, no lie. The bud smelled like a sweet, frosty winter forest, which was a bit surprising, considering one of this plant’s parents (Sour Diesel, I’m side-eying in your direction) is a stank ass. But, apparently the Blue Dream terpenes are strong with this one, cause there just wasn’t anything sour or fuel-smelling that I could detect in Sueno.

The terpenes weren’t the only qualities Sueno took from Blue Dream, either. Both Blue Dream and Sour Diesel are sativa-dominant strains, but Blue Dream is known for its epic pain-relieving powers, cerebral head high, and ability to calm you riiiiight the hell down. In other words, it may be sativa-dominant, but Blue Dream acts a whole lot more like an indica to me, minus the knock-you-right-out and make you sleep for an eternity part of it.

And, that’s precisely what Sueno took from Blue Dream. Holy effing indica effects, Batman. Sueno is next level. I only smoked about half a bowl, and by the time I’d gotten down to the end of it, I had a major head high and was stoned as a mufucka. I felt relaxed, entertained, and – in rolling waves – amused with everything happening around me. And by amused, I mean I was laughing at everything and nothing simultaneously. I wasn’t even bothered by the fact that I was outside, barefoot, in the cold, wet weather. I was entirely too amused to be bothered by that.

There was no question that I was stoned, and I could not have hidden it if I’d tried. My housemate asked me a question as I walked in the house and I just could NOT gather the answer to it. No idea what he asked.

His response to my non-response: “Are you high? You’re high as hell, aren’t you. (Laughs hysterically.) Oh my GAWD, you’re so dumb.”

As you can imagine, that only set me off further.

At no point did I feel like passing tf out like I normally do with indicas, nor was the body high ever overwhelming. Like the laughter, it came in welcome waves, vacillating from my head to my appendages without ever being obnoxious.

I did wind up with a SERIOUS case of the munchies, though. At one point, I decided to microwave a bag of steamed corn and then eat the entire thing in one sitting, and it was DELICIOUS. Sueno is not for the dieting crowd.

Epic case of the munchies aside, I REALLY liked this strain. It’s the perfect balance between Blue Dream and Sour Diesel. As long as you aren’t counting calories, I’m like 99.9 percent sure you’ll also adore this one. And if you ARE counting calories, just get some Sueno anyway and stock the fridge with carrot sticks instead of edible food items. You won’t regret that life choice. Promise.

DGO Pufnstuf


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