Strain review: White Girl

by Patrick Dalton

What is it?White girl is a seriously-powerful sativa-dominant punch in the face that should only be consumed by professional smokers. At almost 30 percent THC these naturally-tiny nugs pack enough trichomes to push even the most seasoned tokers to the edge of their ability to stay grounded. White Girl is the breeding result of two already great strains, Barry White and Girl Scout Cookies, but usually takes on more of the characteristics of the latter.

The effectsThis is one of those verities that affects people differently. About half of the people who smoked it found it to be relaxing enough to sleep on, and the other half found it too mentally stimulating to sleep. I felt like it took about 10 minutes to peak, and when it did the lift was amazing. The high is unbelievably strong yet still pleasant. There was some nice relaxing body buzzing going on, but the psychoactive sativa side was definitely more noticeable.

The smellThe aroma is very earthy with some heavy, woody undertones.

The lookLike most cookie strains, the buds are very small, but covered in white crystals.

The tasteIt tastes like it smells with more of the natural earthy flavor on the exhale.

The final verdictThis could be one of the best strains I’ve ever smoked. The head high is phenomenal and it also relaxes the body while making you feel uplifted. It’s an extremely potent plant so use with caution. I can see this as an amazing strain for social gatherings, or just hanging out with friends. I really enjoyed it while creating some artwork, but I honestly think it would be great for going out to the local hot spots with friends.

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