Thanks, weed! How cannabis is making your sex life better

by Amanda Push

Just as sex sells, so does weed. So, one (us) could argue they’re a bit of what you might call a match made in heaven, provided you’re one to believe in soul-mates and the afterlife.

And, we’re not alone in our thinking. As humanity grows in our understanding of human sexuality, our pursuit of how to make sex a better experience also grows, and for some, cannabis seems to be a key in many cases to the doorway leading to cosmic pleasure. The Internet is rife with studies on the correlation between cannabis and increased erotic satisfaction.

In one study, Stanford researchers, who at this point have conducted the largest study on this topic, surveyed information from the National Survey of Family Growth – data sets from 2002, 2006-10, and 2011-15, which included a group of 28,176 women and 22,943 men who used cannabis weekly. The men reported having 22 percent more sex while the women reported having 34 percent more sex. Go ladies! The study group was compared to those who did not use cannabis.

In another study, researchers at St. Louis University in Missouri surveyed 133 women during their annual gynecology exams and found that 38 of them used cannabis before they engaged in sex. Within that sub-group, 68 percent of those women said it made sex “more pleasurable,” while 72 percent said it increased their enjoyment, and 24 percent said it sometimes did. In a follow-up study, the researchers interviewed 289 women during their check-ups and had similar results.

In fact, most studies indicate that around two-thirds of people find cannabis complements their sexual experiences.

In an informal study done in 2011 by San Francisco journalist Michael Castleman, who has written about sex research for 36 years, found that 67 percent of his responders (he doesn’t state how many in his blog post) said marijuana made the experience more intense.

“Marijuana engulfs me in sex foam. I’m just pure sex on that stuff. It’s great. I could never feel that way sober or drunk,” said one responder.

“I’m not a frequent smoker, but when I have smoked and then had sex, it’s been the most amazing sex of my life,” said another.

In fairness, 12 percent of his responders found that marijuana “destroys sex” or, perhaps it depended on the strain.

“My boyfriend and I have smoked (fairly heavily) for the past year and I would say that it 100% has a terrible effect on our sex life. It’s been a huge libido killer for our relationship,” one responder replied.

“Contrary to popular belief, not all buds are alike. Some weed makes you want to be very sexual and I’ve had some of the best orgasms of my life after using marijuana. Some of it makes you feel more introverted and thoughtful,” stated another.

While we must keep in mind that studies aren’t really that black and white and marijuana just doesn’t do it for some people, cannabis seems to be the key for many people in unlocking their sexual potential – potential that might otherwise be difficult for them to reach. So, if you’re someone who has a difficult time relaxing during sex and/or hitting that self-indulgent gratification point, consider letting cannabis give you a boost this Valentine’s Day and beyond. Maybe this is your year.

Amanda Push


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